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Wordscapes is a very popular word game and for good reason. Before you start playing for the first time, familiarize yourself with these basic Wordscapes instructions. You’ll see that the game offers a relaxing environment with scenic backdrops. The gentle learning curve makes the game easily approachable by players of all skill levels, too.

Where to Play Wordscapes

Wordscapes is free to play. You do have the ability to purchase in-game currency to spend on power-ups, but this is completely optional. The first step in learning how to play Wordscapes is knowing where you can play it. You can play on your phone, tablet, or computer.

How to Play Wordscapes

Wordscapes follows the pattern of other circle word games like Word Cookies and Word Crossy. You get you a swipeable wheel of letters and an empty crossword pattern to fill in with them. Here follow the basics.

A Crossword Without Clues

Wordscapes is basically a crossword puzzle without clues. Start a game and here’s what you’ll see:

  • Lines of empty spaces, intersecting like a crossword puzzle

  • A wheel of several letters, very unlike a crossword

  • A shuffle button that mixes up the letters on the wheel

  • A star counter displaying your number of bonus words

  • A series of helpful power-ups

    screenshot basic Wordscapes game play instructionscreenshot basic Wordscapes game play instruction

Simple Wordscapes Instructions

Looking for some easy Wordscapes instructions to get started? Gameplay is actually really simple to understand.

  1. Unscramble letters to make words.

  2. Connect letters by swiping between them in one continuous motion.

  3. If the word you form appears in the puzzle, it will fill in the blanks on your screen.

  4. If you form a valid word that doesn’t fit in the puzzle, it’s a bonus word. Bonus words earn you Wordscapes Coins. You can spend Wordscapes Coins to buy more power-ups (described below).

  5. You are not penalized for trying to play invalid words.

  6. Fill all the blanks in the puzzle to complete a level.

In the early stages, your letter wheel may contain only three letters. As you progress, your word wheel will get bigger and bigger. Later levels can contain as many as seven letters! Be sure to review our Wordscapes tips and tricks for how to beat more challenging levels.

Wordscapes game play instructionsWordscapes game play instructions

Wordscapes Power-Ups Explained

As mentioned above, you earn Wordscapes Coins when you play bonus words in the game. You also earn Coins when you level up, collect stars on daily puzzles, or purchase them with real money. In turn, you can redeem these Coins for power-ups. 

Wordscapes lets players earn and use four kinds of helpful hints, each with a cute little icon.

  • Bullseye lets you reveal a single letter behind any blank of your choice.

  • Lightbulb reveals one whole word of your choice.

  • Rocket Pop sprays out fireworks pixels, revealing multiple letters at random.

  • Spelling Bee reveals letters and leaves Coins on the puzzle’s toughest word.

Every power-up can be earned through play. You may receive them in Daily Gifts or “buy” them using your in-game Wordscapes Coins. The noted exception is the Spelling Bee. We ain’t sayin’ she’s a gold digger, but you won’t see her unless you shell out real money. 

Weekly Wordscapes Tournaments

Once you’ve got the hang of these Wordscapes instructions, you might consider throwing your virtual hat into the weekly Wordscapes tournaments too. These are your opportunity to earn extra Coins and Crowns, competing against players from all around the world. Tournaments start on Friday evening and run through Sunday evening. 

Look for the Star Tournament and Team Tournament icons on the Wordscapes main screen starting on Friday. Tap to enter (it’s free!). In order to participate in the Team Tournament, you’ll need to first join a team. Do that by tapping on the “shield” icon near the bottom of the main screen. You need to achieve at least level 50 before you can join a team. Wordscapes teams can vary in size.

Read our Wordscapes tournaments article for more detailed information. 

Winning Wordscapes Help and Answers

If you’re looking for a relaxing word game with progressively more challenging levels, Wordscapes is an excellent option. If you prefer flowers over landscapes, nab Wordscapes in Bloom. It’s the exact same game with more of a floral theme. And, when you get stuck on a level, head on over to our Wordscapes Cheats and Answers resource where you’ll find the full solution organized by level, pack and group for your gaming convenience. Happy swiping! 

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