Circle Word Games Like Wordscapes

Word games like Wordscapes

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Loving all the word-swiping fun you’re enjoying in Wordscapes? Want to keep the good times going with even more circle word games like Wordscapes? Both iPhone and Android users can explore a variety of word wheel type games that’ll keep them entertained for hours on end. They all utilize a similar dynamic of letters arranged in a circle that must then be connected to form words.

Wordscapes in Bloom

Maybe you’re looking for something that isn’t all that different from Wordscapes. If that’s the case, then Wordscapes in Bloom is the game for you. That’s because it’s actually identical to the main Wordscapes game in every way except for one: the landscape backgrounds of the original have been replaced by floral designs. The actual levels and puzzles themselves are the same, so you can still use our Wordscapes Cheats and Answers site for help.

Get Wordscapes in Bloom on both Google Android and Apple iOS devices. 

Screenshot of Wordscapes in BloomScreenshot of Wordscapes in Bloom

Wordscapes Uncrossed

With the main Wordscapes game, as you know, the hidden words you find form a crossword puzzle at the top. With Wordscapes Uncrossed, previously known as Word Vistas, the words are literally “uncrossed” and are displayed as a simple list instead. They’re organized first by number of letters and then alphabetically. Several of WordFinder's Wordscapes tips and strategies still apply. 

Wordscapes Uncrossed is available via the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

Screenshot of Wordscapes UncrossedScreenshot of Wordscapes Uncrossed

Word Cookies!

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that PeopleFun, developers of Wordscapes, isn’t the only company to produce circle word games. Another popular choice among wordy types is Word Cookies! And yes, the exclamation point is part of the game’s official title. As you might expect, Word Cookies! offers more of a baking theme, placing your letters in the middle of a round cake pan. The words are in a list, like Wordscapes Uncrossed.

Find Word Cookies! in the App Store for iPhone and the Google Play Store for Android.

Screenshot of Word Cookies! gameScreenshot of Word Cookies! game

Word Connect

As if the thousands of levels in Wordscapes weren’t enough, Word Connect by Zentertain boasts over 9,000 levels of its own. Like other circle word games, your letter tiles are arranged in a circle and you simply swipe to build words. Choose between normal mode (with a word list) and crossword mode, plus daily challenges and bonuses. Word Connect also offers a number of themes, an offline mode, and the ability to send “coins” to Facebook friends.

Word Connect is available for Google Android and Apple iOS devices. 

Screenshot of Word Connect GameScreenshot of Word Connect Game

WordWhizzle Twist

Word games in general, and circle word games in particular, can be a great way to build up vocabulary while also having a lot of fun. This is why they can be great for children too, as long as you stick with an appropriate level of difficulty. The graphic style of WordWhizzle Twist definitely leans toward younger kids, and the puzzles tend to be easier too. In addition to the letter wheel at the bottom, all the letters for all the words are displayed at the top as an added hint too. 

You can download WordWhizzle Twist via the Play Store for Google Android. It is no longer available for iPhone.

Screenshot of WordWhizzle Twist gameScreenshot of WordWhizzle Twist game


Keeping things fun, simple and free is WordBlobs by Apprope. As with the other word wheel games on this list, WordBlobs places some letters at the bottom of the screen, and your job is to connect them to form words. The letters aren’t necessarily in the shape of a circle, even if the actual gameplay is basically unaffected. The magical theme extends from the cauldron of letters to concocting various potions. 

Get spellbound by WordBlobs on your Android phone or Apple iPhone. 

Screenshot of WordBlobsScreenshot of WordBlobs

Four Letters

As its name suggests, Four Letters by PikPok is a game where you get to play with four letters. While you progress from three to seven letters in Wordscapes, Four Letters sticks with four letters. The other main difference is that this game is a race against the clock. You’re trying to get through as many sets of four letters as you can within an allotted time limit, rather than taking a more relaxed approach with one set of letters per puzzle.

Enjoy the thrilling word-swiping action on Android or iOS via the appropriate app store.

Screenshot of Four Letter GameScreenshot of Four Letter Game

Word Wheel

Perhaps you’re the kind of person who prefers a no-nonsense approach to gaming, especially word games. If you’d rather cast aside relaxing landscapes and colorful themes, then you might appreciate the simplified approach of Word Wheel. There are no distracting graphics, power-ups, or side quests. Instead, you get a 3 x 3 grid of letters from which you must form words. The center letter must be used and every word must be at least 4 letters long

Word Wheel is only available for Google Android. A different game with the same title is available for the iPhone. 

Screenshot of Word Wheel gameScreenshot of Word Wheel game

Circle the Word Games to Play

As you make your way around all these word wheel games, you may decide it’s time to sit down and play on your computer instead. Refer to our guide for how to download Wordscapes for PC. Or, if you’d prefer not to install anything new on your computer, check out our article on where to play Wordscapes online with no download required. Happy gaming! 

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