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Word Trip is a puzzle game that’s easy to learn but difficult to master. It’s an anagram-solving game at heart, but each puzzle creates layers of complexity. You may encounter trouble with stubborn words. As you trek across its many levels and don’t want to risk ruining your streak, make the most of these Word Trip cheats and helpful tips.

Shuffle Your Letters Often

Sometimes, a confusing batch of letters can leave you unclear as to what anagrams you're supposed to create from them. Remedy this by shuffling the letters repeatedly. You never know when a rotation will trigger your memory and reveal a new word.

Study the Word List Order 

Each puzzle is displayed as word lists. And, each list is split into two columns. The entire list starts with the smallest words and ends with the longest words. More importantly, they are sorted alphabetically. 

This organization will help you deduce words you haven’t yet found. For example, if you’re missing a word between two other words, you can determine the missing word’s length and general alphabetical order.

Find Bonus Words

Bonus Words are real words that are not part of the puzzle. Find enough of these words and you can earn free coins. Revealing the Bonus Words also helps you safely eliminate incorrect words without ruining your streak.

Try Plural Words

If you have an “S” in your letters, try creating some smaller, singular words first. Then, check to see if adding the “S” to some words creates plural versions. The puzzle’s word list might not include every plural word you find, but these words still count toward your Bonus Words.

Make the Most of Powerups

Powerups help you solve troublesome puzzles. One powerup reveals a letter for 25 coins. Another reveals six random letters for 100 coins. You need to spend coins, but the price can be worth it if they help to keep your streak going.

Let WordFinder Help 

Since keeping your streak of correct words is so important, it’s a good idea to use any of our WordFinder tools to find any difficult words. Keeping a high Wisdom Score and earning certain Badges rely on your accuracy. WordFinder’s unscrambler will also make it easy to find Bonus Words.

Exploring a Unique Word Trip

The Word Trip game is similar in design to titles like Wordscapes and Word Cookies. Like these other “swipe letters in a circle” word games, Word Trip displays a list of hidden words. Form words using the preselected letters beneath the hidden word list. To spell a word, simply draw a line from one letter to the next. If the word you spelled is part of the list, the game will show you.

While Word Trip does follow the same gameplay patterns as other games, that’s not to say the Word Trip game is unoriginal. It introduces some new features to offer a different experience from its contemporaries. 

  • Travel theme: The game’s theme is all about world geography. Each level is a country, and each country has multiple puzzles. Your objective is to solve every puzzle for all of Word Trip’s 178 countries.

  • Quest Center: This is the game’s daily challenge list. It lets you earn extra coins, the in-game currency, by completing challenges. Most of these challenges require you to perform specific tasks while solving puzzles. Check the Quest Center regularly to see what you should be doing to earn the coins.

  • Badges: Badges are trophies earned for completing objectives. These challenges are more demanding and skill-based than the ones found in the Quest Center. 

  • Wisdom Points: This is a point system that tracks your ability to consecutively create valid or real words. These points don’t affect your game in any way. Rather, the game uses them to measure your performance against other players.

Find More Games to Love

Word Trip is a fun take on the formula made popular by Wordscapes. Its gameplay may not deviate much from its inspiration, but its extra features and different words make the game worthwhile for fans of word-based puzzlers. The same thing can be said of many other fun games, actually. Take a look at this list of circle word games to add to your collection of favorite apps. 

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