Words You Didn't Know You Could Play in Wordle

Unusual Wordle Words

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Wordle is a fun game. That’s a simple statement, but it’s also an accurate one. You have six attempts to find a five-letter word, so you’d better know what you’re looking for. The list of playable words in Wordle is not as long as it could be, but it’s still massive. Plus, some of these words are ones that you might not expect to be valid. We were surprised to learn they were playable too, which is why we decided it was a good idea to share them with everyone.

Names into Wordle Words

There are a number of words in Wordle that most people only recognize as names. Primarily, these are the names of locations. This means that the assumption that Wordle only allows common nouns, and disallows proper nouns, is inaccurate. Using a Wordle word finder confirms this. That said, some of these words do also have additional meanings beyond being names.

  • Texas: When not referring to the American state, “texas” (with a lowercase “t”) is part of a river steamboat containing the pilothouse. Other 5-letter state names, like Idaho and Maine, are not playable words in Wordle. 

  • Paris: Paris is the capital city of France.

  • Natal: While also the name of a city in Brazil and a former province in South Africa, "natal" with a lowercase "n" is an adjective describing anything relating to or accompanying birth. In fact, "natal" was the answer to Wordle #290 on April 5, 2022.

  • Mecca: Aside from the city in Saudi Arabia, a “mecca” (with a lowercase “m”) is a place considered the center of activity for a particular interest.

  • China: There’s the country in East Asia. When written with a lowercase “c,” china is a form of high-quality porcelain or dishware.

  • Chile: Typically, this refers to the name of a South American country. Though, it is sometimes an alternate spelling of “chili,” referring to the peppers or stew.

  • India: This name refers both to the country in South Asia with the second largest population in the world (China has the most), and the subcontinent and region where it is located.

  • Spain: Found on the Iberian Peninsula, Spain is a country in southwest Europe.

Obscure Words Valid in Wordle

Josh Wardle, the game’s creator, strived to curate a word list composed of words that most people would know. The majority of the 5 letter words on the list are fairly common. But, there are still plenty of Wordle answers that fall outside of the realm of commonality.

  • Junta: A council or group of leaders. The members of this type of council or group of leaders often consist of military figures.

  • Roate: The net earnings that shareholders make. It’s arguably the best first word for Wordle too.

  • Rayon: Various fabrics made of synthetic fibers knitted or woven together.

  • Cairn: A mound or pile of stone stacked to serve as a memorial or other marker.

  • Eclat: An amazing or especially brilliant performance or success.

  • Nadir: The absolute lowest point of something. It can be literal, like the opposite of a geographical zenith, or metaphorical, like someone’s personal low in life.

  • Zonae: The plural form of “zona,” meaning a zone or layer or something. It is also the name of a type of fish found in Madagascar.

“Questionable” Words

As with any word game, there are a number of valid words that many players would consider questionable. A few of them might even be downright offensive to some people. Regardless, they are part of the Wordle word list, at least for now.

  • Buxom: A full and ample figure. It is typically used to describe a curvaceous woman.

  • Harem: A group of wives or concubines who live with one husband.

  • Craps: Though similar in form to “crap,” “craps” is a casino game played with dice.

  • Idiot: A foolish or stupid person. It is typically used as a more antagonistic insult.

  • Twits: The plural form of “twit,” a British slang word that describes someone who is foolish or silly.

  • Fanny: In the United States, “fanny” refers to a person’s buttocks. In the United Kingdom, it is a more vulgar slang term for a woman’s privates.

  • Skank: A person who is filthy or foul in some way. Commonly, it’s an insult used to describe a woman as being sexually inappropriate or unfaithful.

Making the Most of Any Wordle Word

Now that you have a bunch of new, useful Wordle words at your disposal, it’s time to start playing. Well, actually, there’s one more step before you start: Make sure you know the best ways to use your words. Randomly guessing is a good way to use up all six attempts without getting any closer to the Wordle answer. Read our guide on the best ways to solve each Wordle puzzle for some sound strategy.

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