Word Wars Cheat: Equip the Right Tools to Win the Battle

Wordfinder app winning Word Wars

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The best thing about Scrabble and word games like it is that you can continually hone your skills by playing them. Players keep learning countless new words to use. Word Wars, with its focus on playing fast and not wasting time, makes it essential to learn important details. That can be an issue if you are new to the game. If you need some Word Wars cheat help to fast-track your success, this guide will teach you what you need to know.

Call on WordFinder to Win the War

When playing Word Wars, there will eventually come a time when you can’t find a word to play. Maybe you have too many consonants or vowels. Or, you can’t figure out how to play a word using letters already on the board. When any of those happen, rely on WordFinder as your Word Wars cheat tool of choice.

Use WordFinder as a Word Wars Cheat

By using the WordFinder unscrambler tool, either on the website or in the app, you can find the perfect word to play. It’s a robust, accurate Word Wars cheat you can call on again and again.

  1. Go to the WordFinder main page or open the WordFinder app.

  2. Select “All Games” on the site or “Other Game” in the app.

  3. Type your Word Wars letters into the search bar and press “Search.”

  4. The Word Wars cheat will find every word your letters can spell and deliver them in an organized list.

    Wordfinder unscrambles Word WarsWordfinder unscrambles Word Wars

Combine With Words on the Board

WordFinder can also help you find words that use letters already on the board. If you see a good letter on the board that you want to use, like maybe a rare “Z” or useful “S,” you can use WordFinder’s advanced search options to find a way. This is a next-level Word Wars word finder tactic.

  1. Complete the previous three steps, but don’t press “Search” just yet.

  2. Add the letter from the board into advanced search fields. (You’ll find this in a dropdown menu in the app.)

  3. Ask WordFinder to find words that start with, end with, or contain a certain letter.

  4. Once you decide where you would like the letter to be in the word, press “Search.”

  5. Review the words in the generated list and find the perfect one to play.

Essential Scrabble Basics for Word Wars

Since Word Wars is a Scrabble clone, you can transfer a lot of the knowledge you have about Scrabble over to it. They have their differences, but many basic strategies work for both games. And if you don’t play Scrabble, don’t worry! You’ll learn to use these skills effectively in no time. Plus, if you ever decide to play Scrabble or another Scrabble-like game, you’ll have a head start on how to win.

Word Wars app screenshotsWord Wars app screenshots
  • Pick the best word, not just the biggest: You need to strategize and think several steps ahead. Play a larger word when it will give you a huge point lead. But, also play a smaller word when it would restrict your opponent’s options. Using your words to control the board is critical.

  • Aim for the bonus score squares: The only way to take a dominant lead in a game is to use the bonus squares. Your larger words might score a lot of points on their own, but that won’t help you if your opponent’s smaller words swarm the board and rack up more points because they hit every multiplier square.

  • Build off your opponent’s words: Look for ways to use your opponent’s words and letters against them. Hooking words to existing words leads to huge point bonuses, new words you couldn’t spell before and the best board positions.

  • Build your vocabulary: The only way to take and then maintain a lead in Scrabble and Word Wars is to have more resources. With these word games, the “resources” are the words you know. Even if you never use them in your everyday life, do what it takes to memorize words that can help you win. The best Word Wars cheat is a vast vocabulary.

The Crucial Specifics of Word Wars

Word Wars is its own entity. So, there are a number of tools, rules and strategies you need to keep in mind as you play. Trying to treat the game exactly like Scrabble will lead to dire results.

  • Keep an eye on the remaining tiles: Word Wars is a condensed version of Scrabble. Consider the game’s number of letter tiles. Word Wars only has 43 tiles, compared to Scrabble’s 100. This can affect how you approach a Word Wars word finder, as letter tiles are less plentiful and games end much sooner. 

  • Be mindful of the board’s smaller size: Along with fewer letter tiles, Word Wars offers a more modest number of spaces on its game board. Word Wars’ game board is in a 9 x 9 grid. By comparison, Scrabble’s board is 15 x 15. Space fills up quickly, which also means the best places to play your words will disappear quickly.

  • Use and be strategic with your power-ups: Word Wars has three power-ups you can use for help. They can give you new letter tiles or help you figure out what words to play and where. Use them when you’re stuck, but also consider using them when you’re already winning. Build a bigger lead your opponent can’t overcome.

  • Earn coins to buy more power-ups: You will probably need to use more power-ups than the few free ones the game gives you to start. Get these by spending coins, the in-game currency. Win games, complete bonus challenges and watch ads to collect more coins.

Games That Are Similar Yet Different

If you go from Scrabble to Word Wars (or vice versa), their differences quickly become obvious. They might look similar, but the changes add up to different gaming experiences. This is true for all Scrabble-like games. Maybe you haven’t thought about it much, but Scrabble and Words With Friends have more than a few unique traits. Take a look at our side-by-side comparison of the two games to learn how they differ.

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