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There are many word games available on mobile devices. But few are as unique as Words Story. Rather than taking a completely puzzle-focused approach, Words Story is driven by a narrative. Words Story challenges players to solve each level while staying engaged in the game’s day-by-day plotline.

The Word About Words Story

The premise of Words Story is that you are a man falsely accused of murder. Despite your innocence, you are given a life sentence and sent to prison. There doesn’t seem to be much hope of overturning the conviction. That’s when you get the devious idea to escape by tunneling out of the prison.

One day at a time, you dig through the wall in your cell, eventually creating a tunnel that leads underground. You get a little further each day. The only problem is that you need to keep the prison guards from figuring out what you’re doing. This means you often need to distract and bribe them to prevent them from discovering your escape plan.

Prison Break Developers

Released in 2018, Words Story was developed by the mobile game company 89 Trillion. Over the years, they have released numerous popular mobile games. These include the likes of Word Link, Art of War and Hello Stars.

Playing the Game and Living the Tale

Words Story’s gameplay is simple and systematic. But, that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in challenge and entertainment value! The core gameplay gradually becomes more involved and tests your ability to solve anagrams.

  • The game’s story unfolds across 14 chapters. Each of these chapters contains multiple levels, or days. The number of days varies for each chapter.

  • Each level shows you several blank letter spaces. Underneath those spaces are a collection of letters. The letters always outnumber the blank spaces. 

  • Your goal is to spell the unknown keyword using the provided letters. Naturally, find words from the letters that don’t match a level’s keyword. Just keep spelling words until you find the right one.

  • When you use a letter to spell a valid word, any of the letters that aren’t part of the keyword disappear.

Challenge Mode

There is also a Challenge mode where you play one sequence at a time. These multi-level sequences unlock automatically when you finish certain levels in the main game. 

The Challenge mode’s gameplay is similar to that of the main game. The main difference is that you first need to reveal which letters belong to the keyword. You do this by selecting a minimum of three letters at a time to spell a valid word. If any of the keyword’s letters are part of the word you type, they are highlighted and the other letters will disappear.

Once all of the keyword’s letters are revealed, you then solve the anagram as normal.

Some Handy Breakout Tips

Words Story starts out easy, but things can become complicated the more you advance through the chapters. Words become longer. And, the options for words to spell increase. If you’re at your wit’s end with any truly frustrating levels or need to finish a level quickly, our handy Words Story solver can help you find words to win. 

But when you’re playing on your own, keep these tips in mind.

  • Keep rotating the letters: There’s a button next to the letters that allows you to shuffle the letters. Use this button often to help change your perspective and find new words.

  • Try every word: There’s no penalty for spelling words that aren’t the keywords. Try every option you can think of.

  • Hold onto your bombs: The bombs let you destroy one of the letters that don’t belong to the keyword. These can help you get closer to the right word, but you only get a couple of free bombs. Save them for levels with a lot of nonessential letters. 

  • Earn free coins: When you run out of free bombs, you’ll have the option to buy them. You buy them with the coins you earn from playing the game and watching ad videos. Watching a couple ads can get you enough coins to replenish any lost or wasted bombs.

More and More Games to Play

Words Story stands out among its word game contemporaries. That much is certain. It’s not every day that you play a game that tests your skills with letters and allows you to live out a prison break fantasy at the same time. And the game is free to play too! Want more addictive and free-to-play games to add to your library? Check out these 15 free and fun word games to find some great options.

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