WordyBot: WordFinder’s New Secret Weapon Powered by Artificial Intelligence

WordyBot for WordFinder

Created by Nadia Rodriguez for WordFinder

The handy-dandy WordFinder app for iOS and Android devices has just learned a new trick. It’s smarter than ever thanks to the introduction of our new friend, WordyBot. You see, WordyBot is powered by artificial intelligence. And, it’s ready to take your Words With Friends strategy to a whole new level. It’s about choosing smarter moves and winning more games. This is no ordinary Words With Friends cheat board solver.

Smarter Than Your Average Player?

First things first. You’ll want to get the WordFinder app on your mobile device of choice. Once you’ve got it all downloaded and installed, select Words With Friends from the game selection screen. You’ll find the same kind of Words With Friends cheat to unscramble letters as on this website. Enter the letters you have and the tool finds words with those letters.

A major advantage of the WordFinder app is the Words With Friends board solver. Instead of entering letters, you upload a screenshot of your Words With Friends game board. It’ll then find the highest scoring words, accounting for the letters already on the board. Remember that the WWF word list is different from the Scrabble dictionary. We only give you valid words to play in Words With Friends when you select the right game in our app.

The super smart WordyBot takes another giant leap forward, thanks to its cool artificial intelligence. It looks not just for the highest value words, but also for the smartest move you can make. In other words, WordyBot thinks strategically as an intelligent word finder beyond the current turn to improve your chances of winning.

Behold the AI Genius of WordyBot

The best way to understand the incredible potential of WordyBot is with an example. If you want to win every game of Words With Friends, you’ll want to have WordyBot in your corner. 

screenshot of WordyBot game boardscreenshot of WordyBot game board

In this first set of screenshots, you can see the WordFinder app’s board solver in action. Playing the word “QUAERE” nets an impressive 75 points. That’s the most points you can score given the letter tiles in your rack and on the board. But… WordyBot has identified a more strategic play. What could it be?

Screenshot of WordyBot gameScreenshot of WordyBot game

WordyBot suggests that you should play the word “FERE” instead. It scores 3 fewer points, landing you 72 points instead of 75. But, it offers an overall strategic advantage. You’ll notice that the letter F lands on the triple letter (TL) bonus square, and you still get to use the triple word (TW) bonus square. 

Reasons Why This Play Is Better

Why should you give up three points in playing the word “FERE” instead of “QUAERE,” the higher value word? 

  • It preserves the synergy between two remaining letters: A and Q. These letters tend to go together, like in AQUA or EQUATE. Keeping them together makes it easier to play them together later on in the game.

  • It saves your wildcard for a future turn. You may score 3 fewer points with FERE, but that wildcard can come in very handy in a future turn. With that wildcard, you’ll likely have the potential to improve a future turn by far more than 3 points.

Another reason not listed here is that playing FERE preserves the letter Q for you. Words with Q can be worth a lot of points, especially if you can capitalize on bonus squares. Since you can almost get as many points without using it here, you save that high scoring potential for a future turn. 

You see, in terms of long term strategy, playing the highest scoring word isn’t always the best possible decision. In this case, the better word still plays in the same board location, but that won’t always be the case. More strategic play requires more deliberate thinking. And WordyBot can help guide your thought process with its impressive artificial intelligence. 

Get WordyBot With the WordFinder App

WordyBot is already pretty smart, as you can see. It’s super strategic and helps you become a better Words With Friends player. What’s more, WordyBot will continue to get smarter and smarter with new updates all the time. If you’re ready to level up your game, WordyBot is ready to serve as your AI assistant.

Download the WordFinder app for free. Get it from the Apple App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android devices. 

Michael Kwan is a professional writer and editor with over 15 years of experience. Fueled by caffeine and WiFi, he's no stranger to word games and dad jokes.


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