Scrabble GO Word Checker


Scrabbling for the right word in Scrabble® GO? It’s a hard Scrabble® life, constantly trying to figure out if the words you want to play are real or not. What you need is a Scrabble® word checker. In fact, what you need is the best online Scrabble® GO checker in the business. That’s us. Welcome to WordFinder®, the internet’s premier word game resource. We’re here to help you win.

How Do I Use This Scrabble GO Checker?

Using this tool couldn’t be easier. It’s nothing less than a comprehensive Scrabble® GO unscrambler and Scrabble dictionary cheat. We’ve built a deeply indexed, searchable database that does almost all of the work for you.

  1. All you need to do is type the word you are unsure about into the search bar above. 

  2. You can enter up to 20 letters, so there’s no chance that your word will be too much for us to handle.

  3. Once you provide the word, we’ll let you know if it’s a valid, playable word in Scrabble® GO. 

  4. As a bonus, we’ll also add all of the other words you can create using the letters in your word.

How Do I Play Scrabble GO?

Honestly, if you’ve made it this far, we figure you know how to play Scrabble® GO. Get the little letter tiles, make words, score points, and wreck friendships and family dynamics for years to come. The usual word game business. 

If you get stuck on a word scramble, look up words in Scrabble® with WordFinder’s handy Scrabble® GO word checker. For more help, try out our word lists! Need a 6 letter word that ends with J? There’s a page for that.

OK, How Do I WIN at Scrabble GO?

Oh! No problem. We’re WordFinder®. You winning is literally our job. Use our cheat tool and remember these quick tips. They’re pretty handy if Words With Friends® is your game of choice too.

  • OK is OK to play! Contrary to common opinion, slang is allowed in Scrabble® GO as long as it’s in the dictionary. Scrabble players waited a long time for this, but now both “OK” and “okay” are game-legal words, along with facepalm, yowza, and twerk.

  • Think globally! Loanwords from other languages like haj, jo, qat, and qi score mad points because they sidestep the usual rules of English.

  • No hand is unplayable. However crazy your current letter combination is, it’s almost always better to play than pass. WordFinder® can help with that. If you’re stuck with all consonants or all vowels, for example, we can find a list of game-saving anagrams of those letters for you.

  • Learn to love the affix. Prefixes and suffixes are the stuff word game wins are made of. Here’s a great list of ING words to start you off.

Scrabble GO’s Added Perks

Another great thing about Scrabble® GO is that it comes loaded with extra content and perks. At its heart, Scrabble® GO is a means to play Scrabble® with friends. But, being a mobile app allows it to “go” well beyond that purpose.

  • Play anyone, anywhere: You aren’t stuck playing Scrabble® with people who are nearby. As any app should allow you to do, you can play with anyone in the world at any time. This makes the app a great activity for people who want to connect with friends and family over long distances.

  • Use handy Boosts: Boosts are Scrabble® GO’s power-ups. When you’re in the middle of a game, these items can help you come back from a loss or cement your lead. Some of them can play random words from your rack for you, others can swap out tiles without using a turn and others can show locations on the board to play the best words.

  • Play special modes: Aside from the normal one vs. one games, there are some extra modes for you to enjoy in Scrabble® GO. Two popular examples are Duels, which you play on a smaller board, and Rush, which challenges you to get the highest score possible in 10 turns.

Check for Every Valuable Word in Scrabble GO

Scrabble® GO gives you plenty of reasons to play again and again. That’s why it is important to have a useful Scrabble® GO word checker handy at all times. Our Scrabble® checker is there when you need to know if a certain word is valid or playable in Scrabble®. When the competition is fierce and the scores are tight, let us help you snag the victory with one valuable word after another. 

Word Lists to Unscramble Words

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