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Need some Wordfeud cheats? You’re in the right place! Our solver is the ultimate Wordfeud word finder. Give us the jumbled letters that are giving you trouble, and we’ll give you back all the game-winning words you want. Wordfeud is a game for people who want a refined Scrabble-like experience. “Refined” doesn’t mean “easy” though, which is why even a little help can go a long way. 

We at WordFinder® make it a point of pride to provide word gamers with the very best word game tools. We have Scrabble® solvers, Word Chums® unscramblers and, of course, the best Wordfeud helper in the business.

How to Use Our Wordfeud Helper

WordFinder’s unique Wordfeud cheat and word unscrambler couldn’t be easier to use. 

  1. Enter up to 20 letters you need help unscrambling or spelling to victory in the magic box above. 

  2. We’ll do our voodoo — by which we mean we’ll run a proprietary search algorithm through our Wordfeud dictionary — then solve anagrams of every word that fits your Wordfeud needs. 

  3. Not sure what you want? No problem! Our search box even accepts “?” as a wildcard. If you have letters separated by blanks, fill the blanks with ? and you’re golden. It’s as simple as that.

  4. Want to get more specific? Take advantage of the advanced search functions to find words that start with, contain or end in certain letters. Or, look only for words of a particular length.

Wordfeud is a competitive game — the giveaway’s right there in the name. It’s not called Word Cuddle, is it? You need serious tools to help with all those scrambled words. Our Wordfeud cheat is as good as it gets. Use it today, because if you don’t, we guarantee your opponents will use it against you tomorrow. Welcome to WordFinder®. We’re serious about helping you win.

Playing Wordfeud to Win

Are you someone who’s never played Wordfeud before and is looking for some information about the game? We’ve written several articles about Wordfeud, but if you want some quick details, we’ve got you covered.

Using a Classic Formula

Wordfeud is a Scrabble-like game. What does that mean? For anyone who knows about Scrabble® but hasn’t played any of the games based on it, there are some mechanics that each game shares. These shared features are what allow anyone to quickly jump from one game to the next.

  • Both word games are played on a grid. Typically, the grids are 15 x 15. Most of the squares in the grid are blank, but a number of them are designated as bonus score squares.

  • Each game uses letter tiles to create words on the grid and score points. One hundred letter tiles is the common quantity, but some games do use more; Word With Friends® is a well-known example. These tiles are also assigned specific values and quantities. These numbers change from game to game.

  • Games end once there are no more letter tiles to play and none of the players can create new words. Once that happens, the player with the highest score wins the game.

Fun Wordfeud Details You’ll Want to Know

We’ve explained how Wordfeud is similar to the other Scrabble-like games. It only makes sense, then, that we share a bit about what makes the game stand out from the rest.

  1. Old Soul, New Groove: Wordfeud is an exciting new spin on the classic spell-em-up style of Scrabble® and Words With Friends®. It presents both a standard board, which itself is a modification of the usual “triple-word bonus squares are the corners” approach, and an exciting “random” option that places the bonus spots, you guessed it, randomly.

  2. What’s a Word Game Without Words? While most competitive word games have some kind of chat function, in our experience, Scrabble® and Words With Friends® don’t go much beyond “GG” and the occasional cheerful emoji. Wordfeud puts chat front and center, with not a little smack talk amongst the positivity.

  3. Going Global. Like most word games, Wordfeud is played all over the world. Unlike most English-based word games, Wordfeud is particularly popular in countries where English is a common second language. Sweden and the Netherlands are big hitters.

Playing Wordfeud Over Words With Friends?

This is a question many word game fans ask themselves. Which of these two games, Wordfeud or Words With Friends®, do they want to play more? Each game has its pros and cons, so it comes down to knowing what’s important to you in a game. You can read one of our articles to get a full breakdown of the differences, but we’ll explain some of what makes Wordfeud unique to get you started.

  • Wordfeud allows you to customize the game board by creating a random layout. For those of you who want more of a challenge, this can make your games more unpredictable. Don’t worry. The Wordfeud cheat tool works on any board layout.

  • This is a good game to play if you are a competitive Scrabble® player. This is because the game includes the two main dictionaries used in tournament play, the NASPA word list (NWL) and Collins Scrabble Words (CSW). 

  • You can buy a premium membership to remove all ads and gain access to your game statistics. And, unlike with Words With Friends®, this is a cheap and one-time purchase. Pay the subscription and go ad-free for as long as you have your account.

It’s Time to Win the Wordfeud

No one likes losing. This is especially true when it feels like your opponent lucked into their win with one great batch of letters after another. But, even if they do have luck, our Wordfeud solver can still put you in the lead. Between the letters on your letter rack and the letters on the board, WordFinder® will always deliver the best words. And those words will, in turn, lead you to victory.

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