6 Original Words With Friends Memes

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Need a good laugh more than you need a T to play EQUATES? With the Q on the triple letter spot, the T on the triple word space, and a 35-point bingo bonus for playing all 7 tiles, that’s a whopping 146 points. But, you need a T. Which you don’t have. Chin up and giggle with a Words With Friends meme instead. Better still, give it a guffaw with six original Words With Friends memes that are super relatable.

Double-Double! (And We Don’t Mean Coffee)

In Canada, it’s pretty common to order your coffee as a “double-double.” That means you want two creams and two sugars. But, even a hoser can bask in the glory and elation of playing a word in Words With Friends that covers two double word bonus (DW) spaces. (A certain Words With Friend cheat can help you spot those opportunities.)

When you do that, your word score gets doubled twice. In other words, you get to quadruple your score! If you manage to unscramble letters and play EQUATES, for example, that’d normally be worth 17 points. Multiply that by four to get 68 points, tack on the 35-point bingo bonus, and you’ve just scored 103 points for the win! Huzzah! 

Now, imagine if you managed to land the even more elusive triple-triple!

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Certified Genius Level Player

It’s one thing to move your letter tiles around with some trial and error until you land on a playable word for a worthwhile number of points. It’s another thing altogether when you dig into the repository in the back of your brain, tap into your expertise as an anagram solver, and unearth a real gem of a word. This is one of those moments. Gold star!

Sure, you might not really know what ZAX means -- it’s a small axe for cutting roof slates -- but you do know it’s a valid word in Words With Friends. That’s because you already read up on whether ZA is a word and how you can build on it for even more points. The 8 points you get from the X are certainly a nice addition. 

Obscure words like ZAX, MAQUI or ZADDIK might not be part of your regular vocabulary, but they’re totally part of your WWF arsenal (and Scrabble dictionary, for that matter). That’s some high level play right there.

ZAX word in WWF memeZAX word in WWF meme

Hurry Up So I Can Beat You

One of the best things about playing Words With Friends is that you don’t need to coordinate a specific time to play with friends. It’s asynchronous, so you can play your turn whenever it’s convenient. That’s awesome… unless your friend is taking bloody forever to make their move. 

Let’s go, Patrice! It’s been two days since I made my move. Why haven’t you played a word yet? What? Do you have real life responsibilities outside of Words With Friends or something? Unacceptable! 

For more frustrations, read up on some common Words With Friends complaints and what you can do about them. Have you been targeted by bots and scammers yet? Do you know how to avoid them?

waiting for turn in WWF memewaiting for turn in WWF meme

Just Doing My Homework

You’re not playing some random game to avoid doing your homework. You’re a good student! No, no, no. This is just applying your knowledge in a practical way to test how much you actually know! It counts as studying, because it involves words. 

After all, how else are you going to learn about words like ZAX and MAQUI, right? Better brush up on some key 5-letter words while you're at it.

student procrastinating with wwf memestudent procrastinating with wwf meme

Hmmph, You’re Not a Valid Word

You think you’ve got it. After hitting the shuffle button for the 17th time and fiddling around with what you can play on the board, you think you’ve caught lightning in a bottle. Here’s an awesome word worth a boatload of points, capitalizing on a bonus space to boot. Oh yes. 

Oh no.

It’s the dreaded red exclamation mark. That awesome combination of letters you concocted? It “is not a valid word.” And unlike the physical board game version of Words With Friends or Scrabble, there’s no physical board to flip in frustration. You’re just left shaking your fist in the air… which your opponent can’t see anyway.

annoyed woman not valid word wwfannoyed woman not valid word wwf

This Is Fine

As much as you’d like to think that your success (or failure) in Words With Friends is dependent on your word knowledge and game strategy, luck plays a big role too. And sometimes, you just end up with a letter rack with nothing but difficult consonants. Or you draw all vowels, prompting you to exclaim, “AIIIEEE!!!!”

That’s okay. Just swap some letters, dust yourself off, and get ready for your next move. This is fine.

bad luck in wwf memebad luck in wwf meme

Words and Memes With Friends

Words With Friends memes remind players of this popular word game that they have a lot in common. The moments you celebrate and abhor are much the same. Relatable? That’s worth 14 points, my friend. 

Need a break from playing Words With Friends on your phone? Why not play Words With Friends on a computer for a change? Just remember to keep our handy word finder tool open in another browser tab to unscramble your letters and form winning words.

Michael Kwan is a professional writer and editor with over 14 years of experience. Fueled by caffeine and WiFi, he's no stranger to word games and dad jokes.


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