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Word searches are some of the best word games. They are also some of the best starter games to help enrich a child’s vocabulary, spelling skills and overall education. Word search games for kids are simple enough for them to complete and feel a sense of accomplishment, while still providing enough of a challenge. This list will help you find the best word search for kids online options so the children in your life will always have something to do.

Find a Bevy of Options at Thewordsearch.com 

If you visit thewordsearch.com, you won’t find much in terms of flair or visual design. What you will find, however, is dozens upon dozens of word searches for kids with different themes. Themes include things from popular culture, such as Toy Story, Pokemon and Little Einsteins. The puzzles are of moderate difficulty for younger players, but the familiar themes will make finding words easier.

Each puzzle is also customizable. You can alter the layout from a square to a honeycomb pattern, for example. You can also adjust the puzzle’s color scheme.

Get Right Into the Action With Silvergames.com

The word searches on silvergames.com are a good option for when a child wants something simple to play right away. There are no customization options to distract you. You load the page, select your category and start playing. 

There are six categories to choose from: Fruits, Vegetables, Computer, Music, Countries and Animals. All of them are straightforward and easy to understand, which is perfect for most children.

Turtlediary.com Meets Younger Students’ Needs

turtle diary kids word searchturtle diary kids word search

Turtlediary.com is a lot like thewordsearch.com in terms of its puzzle variety. It has over 75 word search options, and each one has a different category or purpose. Some puzzles cover topics like machinery and the solar system. Others ask you to find words with “-ug” or “-un” in them.

Another important note about the site’s puzzles is that they indicate the appropriate school grade level. This helps ensure that a puzzle will be neither too easy nor too difficult for the child playing.

Play Solo or With Friends in Wordsearchbattle.io

Wordsearchbattle.io is special among word searches for kids online. It allows you to either play on your own or compete against a friend in real-time. Much like other multiplayer web-based games, every new game you create has an access code. Give that code to a friend and they can use it to log into your game from wherever they are.

Whether you play single player or multiplayer, you can select an available theme and set the difficulty level. Each puzzle also has a time limit, so you and your opponent need to find the words as quickly as possible.

247wordsearch.com Lets You Play Right Away

If you want to find another word search site with simplicity as its focus, visit 247wordsearch.com. Aside from picking the difficulty, which ranges from Easy to Expert, you don’t have to do anything except find the words that the game asks you to find. There are no themes. Instead, random words are selected and generated for each new puzzle.

Find New Favorites at Primarygames.com

Primarygames.com is another kid-appropriate collection of different word search puzzles. They have puzzles for Halloween, Farm Animals and other interesting subjects. And since the puzzles are designed more for younger players, there aren’t many options to worry about. You pick a puzzle, complete it at your pace and move on to the next one.

Happylearning.tv Caters to a Younger Audience

happy learning kids word searchhappy learning kids word search

To find word searches for young children online, go to happylearning.tv. Here you will find 15 different themes for word search puzzles. All of them are based on core school and general education subjects like Fruits, Mammals and Musical Instruments. 

The puzzles for each theme are not large or difficult. Neither are the words themselves. In fact, each word also has an accompanying image. These help any kid to better understand every word they are trying to find in each puzzle.

Download Wonder Word to Search While Mobile

If you’re looking for a good mobile word search game for your phone or tablet, download Wonder Word. This app is a word search game at heart, but its design is slightly modified. Its difficulty scales as you progress, meaning that the person playing will always feel challenged.

This game has you find hidden words in a collection of letters, but it doesn’t reveal those words beforehand. Instead, it provides a phrase that explains a common theme the words all share. From there, you need to find the words that match the theme.

Visit LoveToKnow.com for Printable Fun

Perhaps you want to find some word search games online that you can play the tried-and-true way: with pen and paper. For puzzles you can print out, visit kids.lovetoknow.com. Here, you can find several pages with printable word search games for kids. Enjoy puzzles featuring words from specific themes. Some examples include:

When visiting these pages, all you need to do is click on any of the images. That will open a PDF file of the puzzle, which you can then print or download.

More Online Word Game Choices

The options for word search games for kids online are plentiful. That makes sense, considering the benefit these games can have for a child’s development. They help them hone their ability to look for details, and they also teach them how to learn new words quickly. The classic game hangman also teaches players to memorize words and how to spell them. Read our list of the top five places to play hangman online to find more games to add to your collection.

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