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Are you searching high and low for websites to play Boggle online? You’re in luck! We had the same problem, so we wanted to spare everyone the trouble by finding the best ones and putting them all in one place. Any of these games will give you your Boggle fix. Race against the clock yourself with a solo game. Or, play some Boggle online multiplayer with players all around the world. Find a challenge level that suits your level of skill and experience with this classic word game.

Wordshake Boggle Online

If you just want a simple game of online Boggle with an unfettered interface, Wordshake’s take on the popular game could be for you. The site features a minimalist design, free from unnecessary distraction. Choose between 3x3 and 4x4 letter grids plus your choice of a timed or untimed game. Each letter has a point value, and you get a multiplier bonus for unscrambling words using more letters. Register for a free account to appear on the leaderboards. 

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One of the best features of Boggle.online is that it not only keeps a list of the correct words you find, but also incorrect words. Earn points when you find words that are valid and lose points for playing incorrect words. By studying your list of correct and incorrect words after each game, you’ll gain more word knowledge you can apply in future sessions with this free online Boggle game. Find and learn new words on your choice of a 4x4 or 5x5 Boggle game board.

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We included Serpentine on our list of fun multiplayer word games you can play online for good reason. It’s an excellent option for Boggle online multiplayer. The site encourages you to sign up for a free account so you can “build up a reputation and rating,” but you can play in any room as a guest. The main rooms are based on skill level: easy, medium, or hard. Other rooms include a gigantic 8x8 board, a “challenge” room with a six-letter minimum, and a “quick rounds” room. 

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Over on the Puzzle Baron website, you’ll find WordTwist. With this game of online Boggle, you once again have your choice between two game boards. The traditional 4x4 board features two-minute rounds and the words you play must be at least three letters long. The larger 5x5 board features longer three-minute rounds and you must play words at least four letters long. As you complete each game, you’ll be able to compare your stats against other players, including average score, most words, best word, and longest word.

screenshot of word twist gamescreenshot of word twist game

Puzzle Words Boggle

From the left sidebar on Puzzle Words, you can choose between three different game board sizes of Boggle: 3x3, 4x4, and 5x5. For each of these, you can also select the relative difficulty level: easy, hard or extreme. Beyond these main game modes, there are also the Special Daily Boggle, Special Weekly Boggle, and Special Monthly Boggle. To solve the puzzle, you’ll need to collect a certain percentage of total possible points, depending on the difficulty. In all cases, the game will show you how many words of each length remain in the puzzle. 


screenshot of puzzle words gamescreenshot of puzzle words game


Another option for free online multiplayer Boggle is WEBoggle. Just as with Serpentine, you can play on WEBoggle as a guest. However, you will need to register as a user if you want to create a profile, join the chat or engage in the forum. In the game, you can simply type in each anagram you solve, which can be a lot faster if you’re playing with a keyboard. Once a game concludes, you can review the words only you got, words you missed, and words everyone missed, along with the leaderboard. 

screenshot of WEBoggle gamescreenshot of WEBoggle game

Boggle With Friends

It’s convenient enough to play Boggle online free via the web browser on your device of choice. Perhaps you’d prefer to play multiplayer Boggle with a mobile app instead. For that, you might turn to Boggle With Friends. Boggle With Friends is published by Zynga, the same company behind Words With Friends. Challenge friends and family, enter live tournaments, or practice with solo play against the Coach. It’s available for both Android and iOS. 

screenshot of boggle with friendsscreenshot of boggle with friends


For a final simple, direct and free Boggle game online, we suggest WordPlays’ iteration of the game. The “main game” is a no-frills 4x4 version of Boggle, but a quick trip to the site’s main menu will bring you to a list of variations. They have 5x5, Quick Boggle (Boggle with a one-minute timer) and a version where any letter can be used in place of a wild card. You can also invite friends to play to turn this into a Boggle online multiplayer match.

Boggle Word plays screenshotBoggle Word plays screenshot

More Word Games to Play Online

Playing word games like Boggle online can be a lot of fun. They’re a great way to pass the time and you might even learn a word or two along the way. Take a look at WordFinder's list of the best free online word games for more options beyond online Boggle. Have you ever played Word Zen, a game that combines mahjong with finding words?

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