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Have you been playing Words With Friends for a while and wish there was even more to the game? What if you had the opportunity to win cash prizes for flexing your knowledge of words? That’s the idea behind Words With Friends Live, a live and fully interactive trivia show contained within the Words With Friends mobile app itself. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is Words With Friends Live?

Described as a “game within a game,” Words With Friends Live is a daily trivia game broadcast from within the Words With Friends 2 app. It is only available on Apple iPhone and Google Android devices, so players on Facebook or the iPad app are not able to participate. 

The trivia game features a real live host. The Words With Friends Live show is organized into seasons. Players have the opportunity to compete for real cash prizes, as well as in-game digital rewards, by answering a series of trivia questions related to words and language. This takes multiplayer word games to a whole new level! 

When Was the First Season?

The early beta of Words With Friends Live started in late December 2018. The first season, with daily contests, ran until May 1, 2019. 

On most days, the live show started at 9 p.m. EST (6 p.m. PST), though the schedule did deviate from this start time on occasion. As Words With Friends Live is organized into seasons, the show won’t start again until the second season, when and if that happens at all.

Asking Word-Based Trivia Questions

Unlike the main Words With Friends game, WWF Live is not about making words from letters. Instead, the daily Words With Friends Live show consists of 12 “challenging” word-based trivia questions. The questions are multiple choice, like many popular game shows. You have to answer each question correctly in order to move on to the next question, and you must answer all 12 questions correctly in order to win the game. 

As an example, here’s one of the questions from an early beta episode of the show: 

Which of these is a synonym for “just deserts?” 

  • Nonpareils

  • Comeuppance

  • Arid climes

The correct answer is comeuppance.

Players also have the opportunity to earn “extra lives” by inviting friends to play. If they answer a trivia question incorrectly, they can use up to one “extra life” per game to keep playing. 

Special Themed Shows

In addition to regular shows, Words With Friends Live also features a number of special themed shows. The themes align with existing trends on social media, including:

  • #MusicMondays

  • #HumpDayWednesday

  • #FoodieFriday

Real Cash Prizes for Winners

Yes, people who play Words With Friends Live on their phones can win cold, hard cash! Well, it’s real money that’s delivered electronically. Winners request payout from within the Words With Friends 2 app itself, with payment typically issued after “at least 7 to 10 business days.”

Win Up to $100,000!

During the first season, Zynga promoted certain days where you could win “up to $100,000.” That’s some serious real game show type money!

However, prize pots of $5,000 to $10,000 were more common during the first season of the show. And because the cash prizes are shared among winners, everyone who answers all 12 questions correctly gets a piece of the pie. 

For example, the game on February 1, 2019 attracted over 30,000 participants. A total of 1,351 players made it all the way to the end, answering all 12 questions correctly. Sharing the $5,000 pot, each winner took home about $3.70. That’s not exactly the same as winning $100,000.

Mystery Boxes

But wait, there’s more. Even if you don’t answer all 12 trivia questions correctly and collect some cash, you can still win “mystery boxes” containing in-game items like coins and power-ups. You get one point per correct answer, and you can redeem 15 points to unlock one mystery box. There is no limit to how many mystery boxes you can win.

Who Can Play (and Win)?

Although the official rules mention Canada (excluding Quebec), the first season of Words With Friends Live was only available and open to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, as long as they are in the age of majority where they live. This might or might not expand to other countries when and if there is a second season. 

Say Hello to Garth Brooks!

Zynga invited special guests to co-host the Words With Friends Live show from time to time too. In fact, the first season finale was hosted by country music star Garth Brooks, along with Sangita Sarkar, director of product marketing for Words With Friends.

When Is Words With Friends Live Season 2?

The official website for Words With Friends Live indicates that a second season is “coming soon,” but nothing has materialized as of April 2020. For the latest news on when and if a second season will happen, follow Words With Friends on Twitter and keep an eye on that official page.

In the meantime, brush up on those skills and check out our tips on how to win every game of Words With Friends. Word knowledge helps. Knowing when and where to play certain words is even better!  

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