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The gameplay made popular by Wordscapes has led to many apps with different takes on the now-classic experience. Some add more customization options, others make things more challenging. Word Crossy keeps its focus on providing a relaxing and fun time for its players. If you’re looking for a new anagram solver to play and you have a fondness for games that don’t stress you out, playing Word Crossy online is a good choice.

A Short Word About Word Crossy

Word Crossy is essentially a Wordscapes clone with alterations to match and sometimes surpass its inspiration’s relaxing tones. It accomplishes this mostly through its visual designs. Word Crossy uses more peaceful color palettes. And, many backgrounds for the levels are even more serene and scenic than those in Wordscapes.

How to Play Word Crossy

Aesthetics aside, Word Crossy delivers the same quality gameplay as Wordscapes. Finding Word Crossy answers and clearing levels work the same way.

  1. Each puzzle is an intersecting grid with squares that represent letters in words. 

  2. Beneath the grid is a circle with various letters. The letters are different for every puzzle.

  3. Fill the empty letter squares by drawing a line from one letter to the next in the circle. Once you successfully make a word, the game automatically adds it to the grid.

  4. You finish and win a level once you find every missing word.

Extra Game Styles and Features

Word Crossy’s goal is to relax you and let you have fun. That doesn’t mean that there’s a lack of things to do in the game. There are multiple game modes to explore at your leisure.

  • Main Game: This is the primary mode. Play through the game’s more than 4,600 levels. There are no time limits, though you can check a timer if you want to track your progress and get faster for your own gratification.

  • Events: These are special modes that the developers add to the game at various times. They have specific rules and themes.

  • Daily Challenge: You can opt to play these larger puzzles every day. Unlock this mode after finishing level 31 in the main game. Completing the daily puzzles is more difficult than the regular ones, but it’s a good way to earn some extra coins.

  • Butterfly Levels: These are smaller, optional levels that give you a limited number of attempts to find all of the words that butterflies rest on. 

Useful Power-Ups You Need

As you might expect from a Wordscapes-inspired game, there are also power-ups to help you with the puzzles. Aside from Shuffle, you need to spend coins to activate them.

  • Shuffle: Randomly rotate the letters in the circle.

  • Hint 1: Randomly reveal one letter in the grid.

  • Hint 2: Choose one square in the grid and reveal its letter.

  • Scatter Clue: Randomly reveal one letter in each word.

  • Helpful Bee: Reveal letters and place bonus coins on the board before the start of a puzzle.

Use WordFinder for Any Help You Need

Finding Word Crossy answers can be difficult to do online. There aren’t as many resources available as there are to find Wordscapes answers. WordFinder, however, can point you in the right direction.

If you visit the WordFinder website or download the WordFinder app, you can use the unscrambler tool to find everything you need. Select the “All Games” option, then enter your letters into the search bar. Hit “Search” and watch as WordFinder pulls up a full list of words that your letters can spell.

The added bonus is that many words can count toward your bonus words. Bonus words are valid words that aren’t actually part of the puzzle. Earn extra coins by finding enough of them while you play Word Crossy online.

More Word Finding Fun With Word Cookies

Word Crossy stays close to the formula that made Wordscapes popular. That’s a good thing. “More of the same” is often what people are looking for. But, if you’re looking for a version of the game that mixes things up a bit, try Word Cookies. You don’t solve Word Cookie puzzles in quite the same manner as Word Crossy. The layout of the words is different, and the word order is important. Word Cookies will challenge you to think differently as you play.

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