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Wordscapes is a game that loves to test its players. Picture it as a mix between a crossword puzzle and Scrabble. Find the predetermined words that belong on the grid using a predetermined set of letters. These conditions can definitely make clearing certain levels challenging, but we’re here to help! Easily find the answers by using our handy WordFinder app or by visiting our Wordscapes answers site on any web browser. 

Using the WordFinder App

Finding full Wordscapes solutions with the WordFinder app is a painless process. The app — available for iOS and Android — does almost all of the work for you. And it provides a bunch of options while doing so too!

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  1. Open the WordFinder app.

  2. Select Wordscapes from the game list if you haven’t already done so.

  3. From the  Wordscapes page, you’ll have two options: Level Search and Unscramble Letters.

  4. Use Unscramble Letters to input the letters from a Wordscapes puzzle. You’ll see every word those letters can form.

  5. Use Level Search to find the answers for the level you’re currently on. Simply enter the level number and the screen will show a board view or a list view of the puzzle.

  6. Board View shows an exact copy of the level’s puzzle layout. Every letter is obscured by a question mark. Tap on the ones you want to reveal.

  7. List View shows every word present in the puzzle. You can sort these words from smallest to largest or largest to smallest.

Note: You can watch a brief video ad or spend Crowns to reveal the entire puzzle in Board View or to see all the bonus words in List View.

Using the Wordscapes Website

Our special Wordscapes Cheat site is just as helpful as the app. Finding the answer for whatever Wordscapes levels are troubling you is a fast and simple process.

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  1. Click on the Wordscapes button at the top-right corner of any WordFinder webpage. This will take you to the Wordscapes Answers site.

  2. Check your game of Wordscapes for which LEVEL you need help with.

  3. Enter a specific LEVEL in the search bar. You’ll get an image of that LEVEL’s completed puzzle. The page will also list that level’s bonus words.

Other Search Options

The Wordscapes site also allows you to find answers by searching for PACKs and GROUPs.

  1. Enter a PACK or GROUP name into the search bar. The bar will provide suggestions based on your entry. For example, if you typed in the GROUP “Sky,” it will display every LEVEL and PACK in that GROUP.

  2. Select the suggestion that matches what you’re looking for. The site will then take you to a list of levels found in your PACK or GROUP.

  3. Click on any of the levels to view its completed puzzle.

If you prefer, you can also unscramble letters using the standard word finder instead too.

Bonus Features

The Wordscapes site also provides a few extra features worth exploring.

  • Daily Puzzles: Find answers to Wordscapes daily puzzles every day. Click on “Today’s Daily Puzzle” from the homepage to get the completed Daily Puzzle.

  • Full List of Levels: Scroll through a full list of Wordscapes’ over 25,000 levels. It may not be the best way to find a level you need help with, but seeing every level at once can be a useful option. For instance, sometimes it’s helpful to know what levels you’ll be playing in the future.

  • Wordscapes Guide: Explore some handy tips and rules for playing Wordscapes at the bottom of the main page. If you’re new to the game, take some time to read over this and other valuable sources of information. For example, you can learn some basic Wordscapes instructions. Or, you can get up to speed about how Wordscapes tournaments work.

Have Fun Without Hurdles in Wordscapes

Wordscapes is a fun game. There’s a reason why millions of people play it. It can be a time-waster or a true test of one’s puzzle-solving skills—whatever the player wants it to be. The key to mastering the game is learning how to consistently solve anagrams. To improve your skills in this area, read our list of helpful anagram tips.

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