Quordle Tips and Strategies (For Other Wordle-Inspired Games Too)

how to beat quordle with mock puzzles

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Wordle has inspired more than its fair share of fan-made games based on its basic design. And by “fair share,” we mean dozens upon dozens of games. The word games that have drawn the most attention multiply Wordle’s puzzle output. These would be the games like Quordle, Dordle and Octordle. If you need some help solving multi-word Wordle games, these Quordle tips and tricks can help you quickly acclimate to their increased challenge.

Quordle Hint: Using Different Starting Words

Consider this situation: You play your first word or first pair of words in Quordle. You find three yellow letters in one word, only one letter in another word, and the two other words are all gray. What’s probably happening here is that your Quordle starting words probably weren’t the best choices.

Using different letters in Wordle gameUsing different letters in Wordle game

Were those words the same ones you use in Wordle? They might serve you well as consistent starters in a game with one puzzle, but in a multi-Wordle game, you need to pick words that have the statistically greatest chances of finding letters. Check out our list of the best Wordle starting words for some sound suggestions.

Don’t Prioritize Words With Lots of Letters

Once you’ve played a couple of words and have found a few letters, don’t focus on the words with the most yellow or green squares. Let those sit for a while. Instead, give your attention to the other words with fewer colored-in squares. 

When it comes to Quordle tips, this is perhaps the most important. Again, remember that playing a multi-Wordle game like Quordle is different from finding just one Wordle answer in the original Wordle game. 

If you focus too much on Quordle answers that are already mostly full, you’ll have no choice but to play repeat letters early on in the game. When you’re trying to find words using a greater variety of letters, focusing on those words too soon could cost you precious turns. Deal with the harder ones first.

Save Words With Repeating Letters for Last

Once you suspect a Quordle word might use repeat letters, do your best to save that word for last. This is similar to the situation with any word that has many green or yellow letters. Repeating letters you’ve already played in Quordle isn’t ideal. Needing to use duplicates of those letters makes things worse. Save words with repeating letters for later.

Top Quordle Tip: Play Words to Eliminate Letters

Want more Quordle help? This suggestion pairs closely with the first two tips for Quordle. Play more words that use more letters you haven’t used yet. Just like when you want to solve Wordle each day, this means paying closer attention to your unused, light gray letters. 

If your typical strategy is to use all of the vowels right away, you can use them again. However,you should pick new words that only use one vowel. There are thousands upon thousands of five-letter words for you to play. Mix and match the words so you use as many different consonants as possible in your first few turns. 

Don’t Fixate on Any Single Quordle Answer

Remember, work on solving the words with the fewest yellow and green letters, but avoid staying on them for too long. If you can’t find more of its letters or solve it as soon as you’d hope, move to a different word. If necessary, solve the words with lots of revealed or duplicate letters that you were saving for later. 

Fixating on a potential Quordle answer for too long without success will only waste your limited turns. And that can really mess you up in a multi-word Wordle game. More puzzles mean more turns, but that doesn’t mean you have a lot of room for error. Wordle gives you six guesses to find one puzzle. Quordle gives you eight guesses to find four words. Don’t let the extra spaces fool you. It’s actually a lot harder than the standard format. 

Take a Break

Yes, take a break. Put your phone down or minimize the tab on your computer. The game is timing you, but that time is 24 hours. If a puzzle doesn’t make any sense and you’re struggling to come up with worthwhile words, don’t force yourself to keep playing. That will only increase the chances you’ll make a mistake. The best Quordle help could be some time away from the game, freeing you up to return with fresh eyes a bit later. 

Besides, these word games are supposed to be fun! There’s no reason to make them stressful for yourself. That’s partly why we created our daily Wordle hints page, for example. It’s great for getting out of difficult situations. 

Get Late-Game Quordle Help From WordFinder

Once you’ve moved into the final few turns and things aren’t going very well, turn to our Quordle solver for some guidance. It’s a handy Quordle cheat to uncover possible words you may have missed.

example of WordFinder's Quordle Solverexample of WordFinder's Quordle Solver

This is especially helpful when you need to find words that contain letters you haven’t used yet. You can tell our Quordle helper what green letters you have found, what yellow letters to include and what gray letters to avoid. Continue with the strategy of solving the trickiest words first, then move to the easier ones.

Expand Your Vocabulary

Unlike the words The New York Times chooses for their daily Wordle answers, games like Quordle, Dordle and Octordle have no reservations about using obscure words. In fact, some of these games don’t even have curated word lists. Their designers programmed them to pick words at random. This is why having a strong vocabulary is so important.

There are many ways to add a plethora of new five-letter words to your vocabulary. Head over to our guide on how to increase your vocabulary for some of the best strategies. But, whatever your method is, the end result will be the same: No more rage from failing a Quordle or Dordle puzzle and insisting that one of the answers is not a real word. Ultimately, the best Quordle strategy also applies to every other word game: learn more words. 

Memorize the Tricky Spelling Patterns

As you are learning more words, take some time to focus on memorizing the more difficult spelling patterns. These include the aforementioned words with duplicate letters, but it also means studying patterns like _IGHT, _OUND and _ATCH. 

Often, and in any Wordle game, you won’t realize you’re dealing with one of these patterns until it’s too late. If you stay focused and keep the words with these patterns at the forefront of your memory, you’ll have an easier time spotting them earlier on.

Multi Wordle-Like Games Galore

With these winning Quordle tips, tricks and tactics at your disposal, you’ll have the advantage you need when playing Quordle, Dordle and the other Wordle-like games. Do these games pique your interest in wanting to know what other Wordle spinoffs are worth checking out? We can help you with that too. Have a look at our list of the best Wordle games that offer a different spin on the formula. You’ll find plenty of new options to try.

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