Typing Attack and Other Games That Make Typing a Blast

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Improving your typing speed, at any age, is a valuable skill to nurture for any profession, any walk in life. Practice makes perfect, but it doesn’t have to be boring. It’s far more fun to play online typing games like Typing Attack and TypeRacer. It’s true. The best typing game offers a fast track to faster speeds and fewer typos.

Typing Attack

screenshot of typing attack gamescreenshot of typing attack game

A traditional typing game usually provides you with a passage of text. And then, it’s your job to type that passage as quickly and accurately as possible. Well, Typing Attack is not your typical typing game. Instead, it more closely resembles a thrilling arcade game shooter like Gradius or Space Invaders.

Arguably one of the best typing games online, Typing Attack puts you in charge of a spaceship. Enemy aircraft swarm in from the right, and you must type the words above each craft to destroy. The action accelerates and the words get more complex as you progress through the levels. Who knew typing could be so thrilling?

Goose Typing Attack

screenshot of goose typing attack gamescreenshot of goose typing attack game

In Typing Attack, you have to fend off enemy fighters. The game is defensive in nature. With Goose Typing Attack, you take on the role of aggressor instead. As an increasingly angry goose, you chase down a frightened human who is trying to get away. Words appear on the screen. Type them quickly and accurately to get closer to the human. Misspell or skip a word and your goose will slow down.

The graphics are very retro in aesthetic. And there are no difficulty options or levels. But, the simplicity of Goose Typing Attack adds to its charm. It’s a great game to play in short spurts.

Cute Jumper

screenshot of cute jumper typing gamescreenshot of cute jumper typing game

When you’re first starting out, online typing tests can feel especially intimidating. Many are geared toward teens and adults. What about children who are first learning how to type? Cute Jumper is one of several typing games for kids on kidztype.com. Choose between four difficulty levels and four row lists. 

Correctly type the letters on each platform to advance to each floating island. While the game has no visible timer, the floating island slowly drifts downward. When it reaches the bottom of the screen, the game is over. Keep the little ones engaged and motivated with more fun online word games for kids


screenshot of type racer gamescreenshot of type racer game

A little healthy competition never hurts, right? TypeRacer pits you against other players from all corners of the internet. How does your typing speed stack up? In some ways, TypeRacer is one of the most traditional online typing games on this list. You get a passage of text and you have to type it out as quickly as you can. What makes TypeRacer unique is you get to race against online opponents to see who can type the fastest.

Enter a typing race against strangers, practice your typing skills alone, or invite your friends to a private race. In all cases, you’ll get your words-per-minute (WPM). Sign up for a premium account to save individual scores at the end of each practice race. You can also see how you rank on the leaderboards.

Desert Typing Racer

screenshot of desert typing racer gamescreenshot of desert typing racer game

Both TypeRacer above and Desert Typing Racer offer a car-themed typing game. TypeRacer challenges you to race against other players in typing a passage of text. By contrast, Desert Typing Racer asks you to avoid crashing into other cars on the open road. From behind the wheel of a car, you type the words above other cars on the road to avoid collisions.

screenshot of typing wars gamescreenshot of typing wars game

Choose between 40 different lessons, like “home row only” and “emphasize left hand,” each with three levels of difficulty. Typing Wars: Return of the Keyboard is fundamentally the same game, but with a space battle-inspired theme. 

Keyboard Ninja

screenshot of keyboard ninja gamescreenshot of keyboard ninja game

Maybe you’re not ready (or not interested) to tackle larger passages of text as a typing game. Even individual words like in Typing Attack can be a bit much. If you still want to experience the thrill of arcade style action, Keyboard Ninja could be just the thing. It is like Fruit Ninja, except with your keyboard. 

Each piece of fruit that flies onto the screen comes with a letter. Type that letter to slice it, just as you would swipe the fruit to cut it in Fruit Ninja. Be careful to avoid slicing bombs, since you’ll lose the game if you cut them! Choose between home row, top row, bottom row, number pad, and all letters, each with easy, medium and hard difficulty settings. Sign up for a free account to track your progress and unlock achievements.

A Flurry of Typing Games Action

In the modern age of technology, solid typing skills are an invaluable asset. Employers expect everyone to know how to type (preferably with minimal errors and maximum speed). Effective communication skills are even more important. Brush up on your vocabulary and play some fun multiplayer word games online. Or, practice on your own with single-player Scrabble online. The right words can change the world for the better!

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