Use This Hangman Solver Tool to Never Lose Again

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There’s no shame in needing some help to solve a difficult puzzle every now and then. It happens to even the best puzzle solvers. This is especially true in word games like classic hangman. Finding the missing word or words can be difficult at times. Having access to a reliable hangman solver can make all the difference. WordFinder is the perfect choice for this. It’s the ultimate hangman word solver.

Hone Your Hangman Solver Skills

Before using WordFinder to uncover the words you can’t find, it’s important to learn some basics of how word games work. If you’re not a word games enthusiast or are new to them, it can be hard to know where to even begin with solving a hangman game.

WordFinder can find words for you. But, you need to find at least a few letters first, depending on the size of the word. These tips will help you get started as a budding hangman solver.

  • Try the vowels first: Finding a word’s vowels and their placement in a word is crucial. Once you know what they are and where they go, you can start to form your word around them.

  • Try common consonants: These include frequently used letters such as R, S, and T. Finding or eliminating those letters as options will help refine the word lists that WordFinder creates.

  • Pay attention to the category or theme: Most hangman games sort their words into specific groups. This makes it easier to focus on and visualize specific words that could be the right answer. 

Use WordFinder’s Wildcards

WordFinder has several tools to make finding any specific words (or lists of words) easy. Some of the most important tools for a hangman solver are the wildcards. Wildcards represent unknown letters. 

Follow these steps to use the wildcards and find your missing word.

  1. Visit our word unscrambler page or use the WordFinder app.

  2. Select “All Games” from the game list.

  3. Enter your known letters into the search bar.

  4. For missing letters, type “?” or hit the spacebar to add up to three wildcards.

  5. Press “Search” to generate a full list of words that fit your criteria.

Find Answers With Advanced Search

The wildcards can definitely make it easy for you to find a large number of words. But, if you want or need to narrow your search further, try using the advanced search options. 

There are four advanced search options available:

  • Starts: Enter the letters the words start with. Doing so will only show words that start with the same letters.

  • Contains: Use this option if you know the order of some letters that appear in the middle of the word.

  • Ends: This option gives the opposite results to the “Starts” option. WordFinder will generate a list of words that end with the letters you select.

  • Length: This feature lets you bypass any words that don’t match the length of your missing word. Since games of hangman often use only one word at a time, narrowing your search by word length can save you a lot of time.

Use the Advanced Searches Together

The last, and most important thing to remember about the advanced search options is that you can use all of them at once. If you know enough information about your word, you can refine your search to the point where only a few or even one word is generated. 

Put WordFinder to the Test

Now that you have WordFinder by your side and know how to make the most of the hangman solver, you can clear any and all word puzzles that come your way. Perhaps this information has made you eager to play some rounds of hangman. If so, take a look at this list of the five best sites to play hangman online. Pick whichever one you like and start playing right away.

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