Ways to Play Boggle Jr for All Skill Levels

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Boggle Jr. is a kid-friendly take of the classic Boggle party game. By playing this game, young children can learn how to read and spell words, and to associate those words with objects. The rules for Boggle Jr. are easy to learn. Read these instructions to gain a full understanding of how the game’s single and two-player modes work.

The Basics of Boggle Jr.

Boggle Jr. has a simple premise: Players must make the letters on the letter cubes match the letters on the picture cards. They make words from letters they have. This remains the core gameplay between the multiple modes. The game’s goal is to teach children how to learn new words and relate them to objects. 

In many ways, this game is similar to Scrabble Junior. Both games emphasize redesigning the rules of their older versions to help children learn both the game and new words. Young players don't need in-depth knowledge of obscure words in the Scrabble dictionary to enjoy the game.

What’s in the Box?

Keeping with the simple objective, Boggle Jr. only uses a few game pieces. Your child uses these for every game, regardless of what mode they’re playing, or if they are playing with a friend or sibling.

  • The game tray: The tray holds the picture cards and letter cubes. It has a small “word cover” on a hinge that can reveal or hide the words on a picture card. You use this cover when playing the Cover It game mode.

  • Picture cards: Each copy of Boggle Jr. comes with 60 picture cards. These cards are double-sided. One side has an image with a three-letter word beneath it. The other side has an image with a four-letter word.

  • Letter cubes: Each of the eight letter cubes have a letter printed on every side. Your child uses them to spell the words.

Easy Mode: Match It, Spell It

Match It, Spell It is the first and easier of the two modes. It serves as either an introductory game for children new to the game or the main mode for very young children.

To play:

  1. First set all the picture cards in the game tray. Organize them so the pictures and words are face up. Start with the three-letter words first.

  2. Once the cards are set, begin the game by asking your child what the object on the card is. They are all simple, everyday objects that children interact with, like colors and animals. 

  3. Ask them to read the words. 

  4. They then need to place the letter cubes on the game tray to spell the word. Unlike regular Boggle, they don't need to find words. They simply spell the word that's already in front of them.

  5. Letting the child play with the cubes and see their mistakes will help them think about how the words should be spelled. With a little guidance from you, they will learn to keep adjusting the cubes until the word they spell matches the word on the card.

  6. Once they spell the word, take the card out of the tray and move onto the card behind it.

Play a few games with the three-letter words. Once your child seems comfortable spelling the smaller words, you can flip the cards over to challenge them with the longer four-letter words.

Advanced Mode: Cover It

Cover It is the mode to play when your child is a bit older or has more experience playing Match It, Spell It. The rules are almost identical to Match It, Spell It. The only significant difference is you use the Word Cover to hide the word on the picture card. This mode tests your child’s ability to recall and spell words from memory. 

  1. To begin a round, set the cards in the game tray the same way as Match It, Spell It. 

  2. Let the child look at the word on the card for a few seconds. 

  3. Once they understand what word it is, flip the Word Cover up to hide the word. Now, only the picture will be visible.

  4. Your child then needs to use the letter cubes to spell the hidden word. 

  5. Once they spell a word, flip the cover back down and let them compare their word to the word on the card. 

  6. If the words don’t match, flip the cover back up and let them try again. If they do match, remove the card and let your child move onto the next one.

The Two-Player Game of Boggle Jr.

Match It, Spell It and Cover It both allow for two-player games too. The rules are simple. Both modes use the same process.

  1. Let the first child attempt to create a word with the cubes. If they spell it correctly, they collect the card as a point and move onto the next round.

  2. If the child spells a word incorrectly, move the card to the bottom of the pile. The second child then takes their turn.

  3. Play until you remove every picture card from the tray. 

  4. Once all the cards are gone, count each child’s collection. The player with the most cards wins the game.

Find More Games for Kids

There’s no question that Boggle Jr. is a fantastic game for young children who are getting ready to begin their education. It teaches them skills that will be essential for their development. If you want to find more games for kids that will both entertain them and sharpen their minds, consider this list of five fun and educational board games. Educational games can be fun too!

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