Why Playing Word Wipe Is a Fast-Paced Challenge

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Do you need a new game to play during your downtime? Do you love quick, simple word games like Wordscapes, Just Jumble and Wordle? In that case, you might try adding Word Wipe to the mix. Word Wipe is a free-to-play game that has you race against the clock to find as many words as possible. 

What Is Word Wipe?

Word Wipe is a browser word game that challenges you to spell all the words you can find within a set time limit. 

  • The game plays on a 10 x 10 grid.  

  • Each grid space has a letter in it. The letters are randomly sorted on the grid with a mix of vowels and consonants. 

  • Your job is to connect adjacent letters to make words

In this way, Word Wipe has a similar gameplay style to Boggle and games like it.

Word Wipe screenshotsWord Wipe screenshots

How to Play Word Wipe

All those letters on the screen might seem overwhelming at first. But, once you start playing Word Wipe, you’ll realize that this game is easy to figure out and fun to play.

  1. Press “Begin” and the timer will start to count down. You have 120 seconds to find as many words as you can.

  2. Click, hold and slide your mouse over the letters you want to use to play that word. This changes the colors of the letter squares from blue to orange. Once you form a valid word, they turn green.

  3. When you create a word, the squares disappear. If there are any squares above them, they fall down and take their places. Playing words is how you score points. 

  4. Keep creating words from the available squares. As you use up entire rows and columns of cubes, the game area shrinks.

  5. Each time you clear one of the rows or columns, the Bonus Bomb meter grows. When the meter is full, you can set a Bonus Bomb anywhere on the grid. It will destroy any letter blocks in a 3 x 3 spread.

  6. The game ends when time runs out. The game then shows your score and prompts you to continue to the next level.

Where to Play Word Wipe

If your question right now is “Where do I play Word Wipe?” The answer is that you have options. The Word Wipe game is licensed, so almost any website can pay to host it. For example, Word Wipe on Arkadium and AARP are popular choices. Whichever one you choose, remember that each site is unique, so the game’s layout and performance may vary slightly. 

Both Arkadium and AARP are fine options to play the Word Wipe game. If you’d rather visit a different site, we found a few more that we like as well:

  • Usatoday.com features a “games” section among the rest of the news of the day. 

  • Crazygames.com offers action games, clicker games, puzzle games and more. 

  • Zone.msn.com is run by Microsoft and boasts dozens of free online games.

Playing on Your Computer or Phone

There isn’t an official Word Wipe game app available. So, your options are to play the game on your computer or through your phone’s web browser. They are the same game, but the differences between the devices are worth noting.

Playing on your computer is definitely the “premier” way to play Word Wipe. Being able to play with a mouse (or touchpad) to quickly connect the letters mitigates the chances that you’ll select the wrong letters. 

Playing on your phone is an option, but it doesn’t perform as well as a computer. The web pages run as intended, but playing with a touch screen is not as intuitive. The small size of the letters means you might pick the wrong letter accidentally. Some websites don’t display the game in a full layout, making it even easier to miss your target.

Tips to Boost Your Word Wipe Game

There isn’t a lot of complexity to Word Wipe, which makes it easy to pick up and a blast to play. But, there are some tactics to consider while playing if you want to earn a high score.

  • Know each letter’s worth: Each letter is worth points. But, each letter isn’t worth the same number of points. Just like with Scrabble and its letter values, some Word Wipe letters are worth a couple of points while others are high-value targets. One example of a valuable letter is B; it’s worth 14 points on its own.

  • Play longer words when possible: Say that you can spell “bee” for 54 points. That’s fine, but you missed the N close by that would have turned into “been” for 80 points. When you connect letters, they don’t just add their points together. They multiply them. Extending the length of your words whenever possible will earn the highest scores.

  • Save your bombs for the right time: You might get your bombs early by clearing some columns or rows right away. However, you don’t want to use them immediately. Save them for the later part of the game. You’ll have clusters of letters that don’t create any words, so blowing them up will come in handy. 

  • Look at the entire grid: Don’t become fixated on any single part of the grid. Doing so could limit your word options later on. Move around the grid and try to find words everywhere. Shrink the grid evenly and leave yourself with options for when there are only a few blocks left. 

From Word Wipe to Word Whomp

When you want to play a game that offers a fun distraction, Word Wipe won’t let you down. You can play for however long you want, whether that’s five minutes or an hour or two to beat your high score. That’s the great thing about these types of browser games. Get the same benefit from playing Word Whomp. Like Word Wipe, Word Whomp is a free word game that you can play whenever you have the time. The rounds are short and the gameplay is challenging enough to make it worthwhile.

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