Boggle Apps: Bringing the Wordy Fun to Your Phone

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Boggle is always a blast to play in person with friends. It’s been so for 50 years. So, it stands to reason that digital versions of the game would be equally popular and adored. That’s why there is an abundance of Boggle apps out there. In fact, there are enough to make it hard to decide which ones to play. To help with that problem, the following is a list of the best Boggle apps for iPhone and Android devices.

Ruzzle Gets to the Action

Ruzzle has the same core rules as Boggle. A four-by-four grid houses a set of 16 letter squares. You need to make words with those letters by drawing paths from one square to the next. Once a game starts, you have two minutes to spell as many words as possible from the letter grid combination.

One of the biggest differences between Ruzzle and Boggle is that Ruzzle’s letter squares have individual point values. They are similar to Scrabble in that regard. Some squares earn you multiplier scores too, like the double and triple squares on a Scrabble board.

Word Crack Mix 2 Brings Variety

Word Crack Mix 2 takes the premise of Boggle, four-by-four grid and all. Then, it adds the same charm and features from its sister game, Trivia Crack

One of the best features is that this Boggle app has various power-ups you can use. For example, the Duplicator will double the score of every word you find for 20 seconds. The Revealer shows the path of the best available word.

Word Crack Mix 2 has a regular mode to play against friends or random opponents. It also offers challenge modes that task you with finding specific words on the board. 

Words Crush Offers a Different Challenge

Words Crush plays like Boggle, but it mixes things up by placing an importance on the order of words. You can’t spell as many words in a level of Words Crush as you can in a round of Boggle. The goal is to find specific target words mixed in among the letter squares. And, you need to find them in a specific order.

If you don’t find them in the right order, you’ll need to try again. The only way to do this is to use the game’s Undo or Reset buttons to start over.

Boggle With Friends Revamps a Classic

Boggle With Friends is the official licensed version of Boggle by Zynga, the same company behind Words With Friends. It plays mostly the same way as regular Boggle, with welcomed updates added in. You play the game in three-round matches. When a round starts, you have two minutes to find as many words as possible. 

In Boggle With Friends, you’ll usually play against friends and random opponents. But, you can also play against computer players for practice and in special challenge modes. The game also implements optional power-ups. There are a total of eight types. Examples include Freeze, which stops the clock for a moment, and Blaze, which doubles the points for the next 13 seconds.

Word Shaker Shakes Things Up

Word Shaker stands out for multiple reasons. Of all the Boggle apps listed, Word Shaker offers the most customization options. Choose between Solo, Multiplayer and Tourney game modes. With Tourney, you compete against other players in hourly tournaments. Strive to rank higher than everyone else by unscrambling words from letters in a single game board.

For the other modes, you can customize the game’s rules. Choose to play timed or untimed, for example. If you pick the timed option, you can even choose how long the time limit is. Finally, you can also adjust the dimensions of the game board.

Wordathon Goes the Distance

Wordathon is a more casual, slower-paced game. Like other Boggle apps, it has multiplayer features. However, it is primarily a single-player game. Each round gives you five minutes to find as many words as you can.

What makes this game app special are its four unique game modes. They have the same general rules as Boggle, but the second, third and fourth modes include changes that affect the entire game.

  • Basic: The normal game mode that mimics the same rules as Boggle

  • Two-in-One: Puts duplicates of a random letter in one square.

  • Starts With: Puts two letters that are meant to start a word in one square

  • Ends With: Puts two letters that are meant to end a word in one square

WordBrain Challenges Your Mind

WordBrain starts out simple enough. But, it gradually begins to demand more of your brainpower the further you progress. Instead of playing against other people, you advance through WordBrain’s numerous packs and levels.

WordBrain is also similar to Word Crush in that you must find most words in a specific order. When you find WordBrain answers, the letter squares disappear. If you mess up the order and are left with no way to connect the remaining letters, you need to put the first ones back.

Plenty More Ways to Play Boggle Online

As stated earlier, these Boggle apps aren’t the only online options available. Boggle has enough fans to warrant plenty of web-based versions too. And, many of these games are as fun as you would hope for them to be. Read our list of the seven best online versions of Boggle to find a few that are perfect for you. For younger kids, there’s Boggle Jr. too! 

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