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If you’re a fan of casual anagram solvers you can play at your pace, Word Cookies will fit your tastes perfectly. This puzzler has a simple premise. But, it offers a lot of variety by introducing fresh ingredients to its core gameplay. Word Cookies has daily puzzles, events and plenty of other features to make your downtime fun.

A Sweet Word Game

Word Cookies takes a popular word game mechanic and makes it its own. The greatest game to compare this one with is Wordscapes. The two games share a lot in common.

Wordscapes vs. Word Cookies

Both Wordscapes and Word Cookies involve the player completing puzzles by finding missing words. The games present the key letters in a circle. To make a word, you start from one letter and draw a line connecting to other letters to form the desired word. You can only use each letter once.

One big difference between Wordscapes and Word Cookies is how the games present their puzzle words. Wordscapes arranges its words in a grid like a crossword puzzle. Word Cookies keeps its words in simple lists. This makes Word Cookies simpler than Wordscapes in some ways, but more challenging in others.

For example, you can deduce certain words in Wordscapes because the words connect with each other on the grid. Letters from one word fill in blank squares for another. That’s not the case in Word Cookies. Word Cookies puts its words in lists and orders them both alphabetically and by length. At the same time, Word Cookies typically uses simpler words in its puzzles. These subtle differences make Word Cookies a refreshing experience.

Gameplay and Game Modes

Word Cookies has multiple modes to keep the game fun and fresh. The main Packs are the core of the experience. The Events and League are also worth checking out.

Screenshot of Word Cookies gameScreenshot of Word Cookies game

Packs Galore

Packs are the main content for Word Cookies. It has over 2,000 levels. Each of them offers an increasing level of challenge. BitMango, the game’s developer, regularly updates the game and adds new levels. So, the amount of fun to be had with Word Cookies Packs is potentially infinite.

Each Pack contains varying numbers of puzzles. To advance from one Pack to the next, you need to complete each puzzle in order. Completing a puzzle earns you Baking Points. You earn five Baking Points for each level you clear. Once you earn enough points, you advance to the next Pack.

Challenging Events 

Events are special game mode variants of the regular game. Some provide greater challenges, while others offer new ways to earn rewards and prizes.

  • Album: Albums are themed events that match holidays and seasons. The word lists are massive compared to the ones in the Packs. This makes these puzzles much harder, but you have the option to save your progress and come back to them later.

  • Weekly Mission: Weekly Missions are a set of words that use specific letters. You can see what the words are, but they are “filled in” once you use the key letters during regular play. You earn a coin bonus by using every letter within the one-week time limit.

  • Kitchen Renovation: This event allows you to earn coins by helping Nancy, the game’s mascot, rebuild her kitchen. When you clear a puzzle, you earn Tickets. You can spend these Tickets to renovate her kitchen. The game gives you coins after every major step in the renovation.

  • Piggy Bank: This event allows you to collect extra coins in a piggy bank. Once you save a certain amount, you can pay a small fee to earn a massive number of coins.

  • Daily Puzzle: Word Cookies Daily Puzzles are similar to the Albums thanks to their large word lists. You need to complete the Daily Puzzles within a 24-hour period. You can also lose extra coin bonuses if you don’t find certain words quickly enough. Use the WordFinder mobile app to complete these puzzles before those bonuses disappear.

Leagues in Word Cookies

Leagues are multiplayer challenges that pit you against random opponents. Entering a League costs one Ticket. Your goal is to beat your opponent by getting the highest score possible. The game will keep track of your records as you play. From the Record menu, you can track your games played and won, highest and average scores, and longest and current win streaks.

Tips to Really Get Cooking

Half the fun of playing Word Cookies is racking your brain to figure out which words are missing. That said, there are some tricks you should remember and use while playing. No matter how good you are, the occasional tricky word can stay hidden from you.

  • Shuffle often: Don’t let the letters sit in the same orientation for too long. This is especially important when you are stuck on a final word you simply can’t figure out. The shift in letter order will help you find words you didn’t know were there.

  • Try lots of words: There is no penalty for trying words. The game also doesn’t award bonuses for only spelling the desired words. In fact, you earn coins by spelling Extra Words, which are valid words but not the answers to the puzzles.

  • Look for plurals: If you have an “s” in your assortment of letters, look for any possible plural forms of words. These plural words are often the easiest of the larger words to find if you already found their singular counterparts.

  • Use the hints: There are two types of Hints. You can buy one for 25 coins to randomly reveal one letter in one word. You can buy another for 75 coins to choose which letter to reveal. Be selective about when you use these. They can deplete your coins quickly, so it’s best to save them for more important challenges like special levels or Events.

  • Play the special levels: Occasionally, the game will challenge you to complete optional special levels. These levels add letters to whatever puzzle you just played to create new words. Butterflies also appear and land on the blank squares. Solve the word the butterfly is sitting on before it flies away to earn a coin bonus.

  • Think about the word order: Aside from the first word, the other words are in alphabetical order. They are also organized in two columns, going from smaller words to larger ones. Use this structure to figure out which words are missing. 

  • Use WordFinder: Does a puzzle have you stumped? And are you out of coins to buy Hints? Skip the hassle of scrounging up more coins by using WordFinder to solve any puzzle. Visit the Word Cookies cheat page, type in your letters and find the word you need. 

Keep the Puzzling Fun Going

Word Cookies brings some fresh ideas to a popular word game concept. If you love this game and haven’t actually played Wordscapes, you’ll want to do something about that. Despite being similar, the differences between the two games allow for some unique fun. To get started, read this useful Wordscapes strategy guide to learn some important basics about the game.

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