Wordfeud: Word Game Rivalry Your Way

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There are plenty of mobile games that can deliver a very Scrabble-like experience. If you’re looking for one that places an emphasis on competition, Wordfeud is an excellent choice. This word game takes a no-frills approach. You find friends and other people to play and instantly get into the action. Keep reading to learn all you need to know about this player-focused game.

Wordfeud and Scrabble: Appropriately Similar

Wordfeud is a Scrabble clone, simply put. The game follows the same design approach as the classic board game. The game board is a collection of empty squares where you drag and drop letter tiles to form words. It uses a very similar word list as the official Scrabble dictionary.

Bonus Squares

The game board squares are empty, but that does not mean they are blank. Just like with Scrabble, there are various point multiplier squares that increase the scores of the words and letters you play. There are double and triple letter and word score spaces. The layout for the score tiles is not the same as Scrabble or Words With Friends, however.

Letter Values

Wordfeud uses the same letter tiles and point values as Scrabble. Both games have two blank tiles you can use as any letter.

Competitive Edge

The point of Wordfeud is to offer an alternative to Scrabble GO and other official Scrabble games. It’s not the best app for tournament players, as it uses its own dictionary, but it remains valuable for anyone who wants to play a Scrabble-like game with friends and family.

Alternate Gaming Experiences

Wordfeud sets itself apart from Scrabble by offering customization options. This helps the game steer clear of legal issues, like the ones the Scrabble clone Lexulous faced in the past.

Random Game Board Layout

When you start a new game, Wordfeud asks you to choose some options. The first is which language you want to use. The second is if you would like to use their normal game board or a randomized one.

The random game board puts a single, massive twist on the gameplay: The locations of the bonus squares are completely random. Instead of symmetrical patterns, the double and triple bonus spaces can end up anywhere. They can be bunched together or spread to the corners of the board.

This change completely disrupts any habitual patterns you or your opponent may have. Both of you will need to play off each other’s words while also trying to lead the letters to the best spaces on the board.

Wordfeud League of Honour

The Wordfeud League of Honour is an online community that plays ranked Wordfeud tournaments. It is not actually owned or operated by Bertheussen IT, the company that created Wordfeud, but they do share a link to the league in the app.

The league is operated by a group of dedicated Wordfeud fans. On their website, people can sign up to join an email mailing list. Once a tournament starts, everyone must add one another as friends in Wordfeud and play against each other when instructed to do so.

Reliable Strategies for Wordfeud and Scrabble

A fortunate thing about Wordfeud being so similar to Scrabble is that many strategies and skills transfer over to the Wordfeud app. Finding Wordfeud help is nearly identical to getting help in Scrabble.

  • Routinely shuffle your tiles: This should be a permanent habit for any Scrabble player. Mixing and reorganizing the tiles on your racks will help you notice playable words with letters you may have overlooked.

  • Pick strategic positions: Whenever possible, try to spell words that will land on the multiplier spaces. Maximizing your words and letters’ potential scores is essential.

  • Build off your opponent’s words: Always watch what words your opponent creates to see if they will open up opportunities for you to create new words from them. One common and easy tactic is to add an “S” to a word to make its plural form.

  • Get Wordfeud help from WordFinder: Use WordFinder whenever you are stuck or are trailing behind your opponent. Our Wordfeud unscrambler can find the best high-value words you need to catch up and pull ahead in a game.

Be Prepared for Some Serious Matches

Wordfeud doesn’t mess around. It puts you into the action and connects you with friends who are looking to play. One of the most important things to do if you want to win is to develop your vocabulary. Luckily for you, our guide for how to expand your vocabulary can help. Do yourself a favor and take advantage of its lessons to increase your chances for victory.

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