CodyCross Offers an Out-of-This-World Experience

CodyCross alien themed crossword game

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CodyCross and its take on the standard crossword puzzle deliver entertainment of cosmic proportions. This is a space-themed word puzzle game that lets you have fun and test your word and trivia skills. With multiple modes and difficulty levels, CodyCross is a great gaming choice for almost any crossword lover.

Get to Know Cody

CodyCross is a crossword puzzle hybrid game that stars an alien creature named Cody. Cody is exploring Earth. Your mission is to help Cody cross the planet, complete his journey, and learn new things. The only way to do this, naturally, is by winning puzzle challenges.

How to Play CodyCross

CodyCross is a straightforward game that’s easy to learn. 

  1. Every puzzle consists of a series of words or terms of equal length. These words appear in a list. Each letter in each word is represented by a blank square. 

  2. You fill in the blanks by tapping on the letters at the bottom of the screen, spelling each word in the puzzle.

  3. You can start with the first word in the list, but you can tap on any word and solve that one instead. 

  4. Whenever you select a word, a crossword clue for that word appears above the keyboard. You need to deduce what word or words the clue is about and then type them into the squares.

  5. You complete a level when you’ve solved all the clues in the puzzle.

CodyCross App Creators

Fanatee first published CodyCross in 2017. Headquartered in Brazil, Fanatee specializes in creating puzzle games. Their games have been downloaded over 150 million times and are available in 11 different languages. 

CodyCross Modes and Features

Most of the fun you’ll have playing with the CodyCross app is via the main game mode. But, there are other challenges that are worth checking out. 

  • The main game: The primary game mode is organized into Groups, and each Group consists of five puzzles. When you complete all five puzzles in a group, you unlock the next Group and continue the adventure.

  • Today’s Crossword: You unlock these daily challenges after completing a few Groups. These puzzles operate like normal crossword puzzles, with words intersecting horizontally and vertically.

  • Themed Packs: These are puzzles that need to be unlocked by completing parts of the main game. They follow specific themes separate from the other game modes and are organized by difficulty level.

Earn Achievements and Rewards

You can earn Tokens, an in-game currency, by completing various achievements. None of them are difficult tasks, though, as you clear their win conditions while you play. 

One achievement could be to solve one puzzle and another could be to complete 150 puzzles. It’s important to check these achievements regularly and collect your rewards as you naturally progress through the game.

A great example is the Daily Streak. Simply complete at least one puzzle a day to maintain your daily streak. If you keep your streak going, you’ll win free prizes every few days.

Help Cody Fill His Library

Cody keeps a record of everything he learns during his adventures. When you complete enough levels, you can help him add books to his library. The library is organized by specific themes relating to topics such as history and science. Keep helping Cody cross more and more subjects off his list!

There’s also a bookstall where you can see different selections of books every day. You can buy books with Bitz, the game’s second currency. You collect these Bitz by playing puzzles and opening the treasure chests that the game offers as rewards.

Get a Boost With Power-ups

Power-ups are alien creatures you can unlock as you play the game. There are four types of power-ups with unique abilities. One of them, for example, can randomly reveal 10 letters on the board. You need to spend your Tokens to use these power-ups. Make sure you don’t accidentally use all your Tokens by relying on these helpful creatures.

Game-Winning Tips and Tricks

CodyCross does a lot to help you play, but having some outside guidance will benefit you as well. Let these tips help you easily complete the more challenging puzzles.

  • Shift between words: As mentioned before, you don’t need to complete the words in order. Skip back and forth between words when you get stuck on one. When you make a word, the game rewards you by randomly revealing some letters in some other words’ squares.

  • Find the hidden messages: These special words are hidden vertically in the word lists and are denoted by being a different color than the other words. Once these words start to form, you can choose to solve them first. Doing so might help you find the missing letters for tricky horizontal words.

  • Keep trying words and letters: There’s no penalty for trying any words or letters that come to mind. None of the levels have timers, so feel free to test things.

  • Search for specific letters: You can tap on a specific empty square to find its letter instead of starting with the first letter of a word. Leave the letters you don’t know alone and focus on the ones you do know. The elusive missing letters will reveal themselves the more you play.

  • Let WordFinder help you: WordFinder can save you a lot of time and frustration. Simply open our CodyCross unscrambler, type in the letters you have for a word, and let it show you all your word choices. Download the free WordFinder app for added convenience.

Play the Games That Suit You

CodyCross is a game with great pick-up-and-play value. You could play just one puzzle and call it a day if you’d like. It’s not the only game with that kind of appeal, however. If you want to find more word games that know how to deliver a quick gaming fix, check out these seven crossword games perfect for players on the go.

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