Quordle & Other Wordle-Like Games for Hardcore Word Gamers

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Wordle is a fun and addictive pastime for many reasons. One of those reasons is that it provides the perfect degree of challenge. Wordle puzzles aren’t effortless, but they also don’t make you want to pull your hair out on a daily basis. Though, maybe you’re someone who wants to take on a greater level of difficulty. If you want to try playing a harder Wordle game, you have a few options to choose from. Allow us to share some of our frustrating favorites.

The “More Is More” Wordle Games

What’s better than completing a Wordle puzzle? Completing a bunch of them at once! That’s what many of the harder Wordle games let you do. Some offer serious challenges of four or more words at a time. Others take things to truly intense levels.

One very important detail to note is that all of these games use random word lists. This means that harder Wordle words will appear far more frequently than they do in the original game. You’ll get more obscure and unusual Wordle words too.

  • Quordle: The most popular Wordle-inspired game on the web, Quordle tasks you with completing four Wordle-like puzzles at once. Every answer is a five-letter word, and you get nine chances to find all of them. Let our Quordle solver help you when you get stuck.

Quordle word game screenshotsQuordle word game screenshots
  • Octordle: Octordle doubles Qourdle’s difficulty by offering eight separate puzzles at the same time. Again, all of the words are random. With Octordle, you have 13 chances to find the eight different answers. 

  • Sedecordle: Yes, the pattern keeps going and going. Sedicordle throws 16 Wordle puzzles at you, and you have 21 tries to find every word. 

  • Duotrigordle: This is where the games reach the point of true absurdity. Duotrigordle is for only the most serious of Wordle enthusiasts, thanks to the 32 different words you need to find before using all of your 37 attempts.

  • Kilordle: Okay, we lied. This game outshines all others with its ridiculousness. If you use the metric system, Kilordle’s name should already be making you nervous. This game has 1,000 Wordle puzzles for you to find before using all 1,005 of your chances. 

The Clever (and Sometimes Cruel) Wordle Remixes

There are plenty of unique takes on the Wordle formula online. Most of them, however, try to match Wordle’s average difficulty. That’s not the case with these games. They take Wordle in new directions, but they also do more to leave you stumped (and maybe a bit angry). If you think finding Wordle answers is too easy, especially with daily hints, try your hand at these Wordle-like games.

  • Eldrow: This is reverse Wordle, which is exactly like how it sounds. Each puzzle starts by presenting the answer to the puzzle, and you need to work backward to find the words that led to it.

  • Semantle: This is the game for true abstract thinkers. This game revolves around semantics, or the meaning of words. Each puzzle provides a clue, and you need to play words that relate to that clue to find the answer.

  • Septle: Septle is what happens when someone thinks five-letter words are too easy. Upping the complexity by two notches, every answer to every puzzle is a seven-letter word. Scrabble players may appreciate this bingo-worthy Wordle alternative.

Septle word game screenshotsSeptle word game screenshots
  • Squardle: Squardle is, simply put, a mix between Wordle and Boggle. The smallest words you can find are four-letter words, but the lengths can theoretically reach up to 16 letters in length. Scour every part of the 4 x 4 grid to find as many as you can.

  • Survivle: The game with probably the greatest twist on the Wordle formula, Survivle actually wants you not to solve the puzzle. Instead, you need to play as many turns as possible without finding the answer. Each subsequent word must include the yellow letters somewhere, place the green letters in the correct spots, and exclude any dark gray letters. It’s similar to Wordle hard mode.

The Honorable Mentions of Wordle-Like Games

The Wordle-inspired games above will serve you best if you’re in the mood for a true brain tease. Of course, there are more hard Wordle games out there. The only catch is that most of them either don’t reach the same levels of difficulty as the others or they have a niche theme. But, they are at least worthy of an honorable mention. 

  • Dordle: This game is double Wordle. Your goal is to complete two puzzles simultaneously with only seven chances.

Dordle word game screenshotsDordle word game screenshots
  • Tridle: Tridle is one step up from Dordle by offering three puzzles to complete with only eight turns. 

  • Letterle: One of the earliest Wordle-like games to appear, Letterle’s challenge comes from trying to find a single letter by using as few turns as possible.

  • Crosswordle: You need to solve one puzzle that has two hidden words. The words join together in a crossword puzzle-style pattern.

Crosswordle game screenshotCrosswordle game screenshot
  • Searchdle:Every answer in this game is a word related to search engine optimization (SEO). The answers can also be different lengths each time you play, which adds a layer of randomness to the difficulty.

Practice Makes Perfect

Any of these harder Wordle versions will more than adequately test your abilities. Of course, that means defeat is a constant and looming possibility. To avoid such a fate, we suggest you practice a lot. How do you do that? Many of these games have their own practice modes. Or, you can play games similar to Wordle that allow you to solve more than one puzzle a day. Play as many games as you need to develop your strategies and skills. Then, move to the harder games to reap the rewards of your training.

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