Word Shuffle Strategies and Helpful Hints

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For the life of you, you just can’t figure out what word is missing. Fear not. After reading through these helpful hints, you’ll be rattling off Word Shuffle answers like nobody’s business. The word finder game seems easy enough in early levels. But, these strategies and tips will help you power through the more difficult levels you encounter later in the game. Become the expert Word Shuffle solver you know you can be.

How to Play Word Shuffle

Before diving into advice for how to pass more challenging Word Shuffle levels, let’s summarize how to play this word finder game.

  1. In the lower half of the screen, swipe to connect letters and make words.

  2. Valid words must be at least two letters long.

  3. Correct puzzle words fill the spaces in the upper half of the screen.

  4. Refer to the blanks to see how many words you have to find and how long they should be.

  5. You complete a level when you’ve found all the required words.

Complete the Daily Challenges

word shuffle daily challenge screenshotsword shuffle daily challenge screenshots

As much fun as you may be having with the regular levels in Word Shuffle, don’t forget about the daily challenge too. Every day, you’ll get up to three daily challenges of increasing difficulty to play. 

When you complete each one, you receive coins as a reward. In the daily challenges, every word contains at least one letter in common. The game decides on this letter at the beginning of each stage. 

Find Word Shuffle Answers Quickly

As you make your way through more difficult levels in Word Shuffle, you may find you need a little help. Since the two games have so much in common, the best Wordscapes tips and strategies are useful for the Word Shuffle solver too. Some helpful hints to keep in mind include the following.

Collect Rewards With Extra Words

Yes, you should absolutely focus on finding the words in the puzzle. That’s how you clear the stages. Even so, you should also swipe in every possible word that you find. If a word isn’t part of the Word Shuffle level answers, but it is a real word (as verified by a Scrabble dictionary, for example), you get to add it to the extra words box. When the box is full, you collect extra rewards. Just remember that 2 letter words, prefixes, suffixes and offensive words don’t count. 

Pay Attention to Remaining Words

The list of words at the top of the screen aren’t in some random order. In fact, the list can be super helpful in helping you find what words you’re missing. Words are sorted first by length, and then in alphabetical order. Use this to your advantage in solving the word scramble

Let’s say you have five letters in the current level: APRST. On your word list, you’re missing the word that fits between TARS and STRAP. 

  • Based on this, you know that your missing word must be 4 letters long. 

  • You also know it starts with the letter T. 

  • It can’t be TAPS, because P comes before R. 

  • Working through possible combinations, you’ll land on TSAR or TRAP as the missing word.

Leverage the Brute Force Approach

Some people might call it a brute force approach. Other people might prefer the term “systematic approach.” Whatever you want to call it, this Word Shuffle strategy can ensure you leave no stone unturned.

For example, let’s say you have BDEGLT as your letters. If you take -ET as the possible ending for a 3-letter word, you get BET, DET, GET, and LET with the remaining four letters. Three of those are valid words. And while DET isn’t valid, it might make you think of DEBT, which is valid. If you take BE- as the first two letters of a 3-letter word, you get BED, BEG, BEL and BET. 

When you follow a similar system, you’ll find words you may otherwise overlook or forget. 

Look for Common Patterns

The previous strategy is effective, but it can be time-consuming. Before elevating things to that level, you might start by looking for common patterns. For example, if you have an S among your set of letters, remember to add it to the end of every word you find. BED becomes BEDS, WIN becomes WINS, and so on.

The same is true with some other combinations. If you have the letters, try adding RE- to the beginning of a word. Similarly, you can add -ED or -ER to the end of a word. FINE can become REFINE, FINED, and FINER. Seeing those words, you might also then think of REF, FIN and FIND. 

Use Shuffle and Hints

If the game gives you tools, you may as well use them! The “shuffle” function rearranges the letters you need to unscramble. This gives you a new perspective and just might reveal some new words or combinations you may have overlooked. And you can use the “shuffle” as many times as you’d like.

The “hint” function reveals the location of one letter in one of the missing words. You have to spend coins to use a hint. Alternatively, you can watch an ad video to get free coins. Then, you can use those coins to buy more hints. When you “ask friends” for help and your friends visit the link, you earn “free” coins too. 

Get Ahead With Word Shuffle Cheats

Easily the fastest and most powerful way to get all the Word Shuffle answers you need is to use our handy word unscrambler. All you have to do is enter the letters you have and the tool will automatically unscramble them into every possible word you can play. Using Word Shuffle cheats can help you get past difficult levels and find all the extra words too.

For a closer look, refer to our guide describing how to use our word finder. The advanced search feature for defining word length is especially useful in Word Shuffle.

Step 1: Enter your letters.

Screenshot of Unscrambler tool Screenshot of Unscrambler tool

Step 2: Click SEARCH.

Screenshot of Unscrambler tool lettersScreenshot of Unscrambler tool letters

Step 3: See the results!

screenshot of Unscrambler tool answersscreenshot of Unscrambler tool answers

Take a Swipe at Victory

Can’t get enough Word Shuffle? Maybe you’d like to play a similar game but with a slightly different vibe. There are lots of circle word games you can play for free on your Apple iPhone or Google Android device. From Wordscapes Uncrossed to WordWhizzle Twist, you’ll be swiping up tons of fun.

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