2 Letter Words

Two letter words are the glue that holds language together. With just two letters, you can greet a new friend (HI), laugh out loud (HA) or share a tender moment (AW). When playing Scrabble® or Words With Friends®, the best 2 letter words open up worlds of opportunity too. If you’re ready to GO and UP your score, even when playing against your MA or PA, stick with 2 letter words to grow your skills. Read more about 2 letter words.

Words With Friends®


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Word Points Options
ja 11
je 11
jo 11
qi 11
za 11
xu 10
ax 9
ex 9
ox 9
xi 9
mm 8
by 7
hm 7
my 7
vu 7
fu 6
ka 6
ki 6
mu 6
ok 6
um 6
up 6
ab 5
am 5
aw 5
ba 5
be 5
bi 5
bo 5
ef 5
em 5
ew 5
fa 5
fe 5
fi 5
if 5
ma 5
me 5
mi 5
mo 5
of 5
om 5
op 5
ow 5
pa 5
pe 5
pi 5
po 5
uh 5
we 5
wo 5
ag 4
ah 4
ay 4
eh 4
gi 4
go 4
ha 4
he 4
hi 4
ho 4
nu 4
oh 4
oy 4
sh 4
un 4
ya 4
ye 4
yi 4
yo 4
ad 3
al 3
an 3
da 3
de 3
do 3
ed 3
el 3
en 3
id 3
in 3
la 3
li 3
lo 3
na 3
ne 3
no 3
od 3
on 3
ou 3
us 3
ut 3
aa 2
ae 2
ai 2
ar 2
as 2
at 2
ee 2
eo 2

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More About 2 Letter Words

It may look impressive to your friends when you lay down 7 letter words for juicy bingo bonuses. No doubt, clearing out your letter rack can be incredibly satisfying. But, 2 letter words are probably what you play most often. They’re among the most powerful words in Scrabble® and Words With Friends®, because they open up some big opportunities. Did you know you can get up to 66 points with just a single tile?

Why You Need 2 Letter Words

Let’s answer that question burning a hole in the back of your mind. The way that you can score a cool 66 points with just one letter tile goes like this. 

If the game board is exactly such that you find a single A tile both to the right and below the triple word bonus square, you can play a Z tile on that spot. The word ZA is worth 11 points on its own, but the triple word bonus brings that up to 33 points. Since your single Z tile formed the word ZA twice -- both horizontally and vertically -- you get 33 + 33 = 66 points.

Granted, that exact scenario is pretty far-fetched. Even so, it illustrates a powerful point. Two letter words are your best friends for using hooks. They’re even better when you start playing parallel with words already on the game board. The net result is you not only get points for your main word, but also for all the 2 letter words you form in doing so. 

Are There Any 2 Letter Words With V in Scrabble?

As you put your word finder skills to the test, you’ll seek out more obscure opportunities that’ll land you the most points possible. Playing the hardest-to-use letters in shorter 2 letter and 3 letter words can free up rack space for longer words (and potential bingos) in future turns. 

And when it comes to tough letters, there are few tougher than V, especially if you’re keeping it short. Unfortunately, there are no 2 letter words with V in Scrabble® or Scrabble GO®. 

If you’re playing Words With Friends®, VU is a valid word worth 7 points. It’s an abbreviation for “volume unit.” While you won’t find any other 2 letter words with V in them, there are many more 3 letter words with V you might play. VEX , VAC and VEG are great options.  

Hooked on High Value 2 Letter Words Strategy

Playing those hooks or capitalizing on parallel play can yield some big results, especially when you include a high value letter tile. If you’re looking for 2 letter words with Q, there’s just one. QI is the only 2 letter word with Q, so you’ll surely return to it again and again. 

Similarly, ZA is the only 2 letter word with Z you can play. Both QI and ZA are worth 11 points each, not including bonuses.

You’ve got a few more options for 2 letter words with X, teaming up with every vowel at least once:

  • AX: A tool with a blade typically used to split or chop wood

  • EX: Without, a past partner, or to get rid of something

  • OX: An adult castrated male bovine animal, like a bull

  • XI: The 14th letter of the Greek alphabet

  • XU: A minor unit of currency in Vietnam

The Complex Case of Words With J

When it comes to using words with J that are 2 letters long, it depends on which game you’re playing and which dictionary you’re using. 

If you’re playing Scrabble in Canada or the United States, there’s the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary (OSPD) and the North American Scrabble Players Association (NASPA) word list, or NWL for short. In both cases, JO is the only 2 letter word with J you can play. 

If you’re playing Scrabble® in the UK or elsewhere in the world, particularly in tournaments, you may use Collins Scrabble Words (CSW). In that case, both JO and JA are valid words to play. 

Words With Friends® is the most lenient in what words it allows in its dictionary. If you’re playing this popular word game with your pals (and enemies), you can add JE to your list of options, alongside JO and JA. 

What About 2 Letter Words With C or K?

They may not be worth as many points as J, X or Z, but C and K are definitely a couple of the hardest letters to play in short words. It’s so tough, in fact, that there are no 2 letter words with C. You’ll need to stretch out your words with C a bit more to form ICK, COW, CUB and other 3 letter words.

What about K? You’ve got three words at your disposal. KA, KI and OK are all 2 letter words with K. They’re worth 5 points each in Scrabble®, as well as in Words With Friends®. KA is the spiritual part of a soul in Egyptian mythology. KI is the transliterated Japanese version of QI, a spiritual life energy. And OK, as you probably already know, is an expression indicating approval.

They may not be very big, but 2 letter words are definitely OK in our books.

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