10 Letter Words

There are all sorts of reasons why you might be looking for a list of 10 letter words. Maybe you’re writing a bit of poetry or you’re working on a craft project. More likely than not, you’re playing word games like Scrabble® GO or Words With Friends® and you want to hit your opponent hard with high scoring words. These ten letter words are just what you need to pave your path to victory. Read more about 10 letter words.

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10 Letter Words

Word Points Options
razzmatazz 49
vajazzling 45
jazzercise 40
bemuzzling 39
buzzworthy 39
puzzlingly 39
squeezebox 39
whizzbangs 39
buckjumped 38
embezzling 38
jumboizing 38
unmuzzling 38
unpuzzling 38
blackjacks 37
buckjumper 37
buzzphrase 37
dizzyingly 37
puzzlement 37
schemozzle 37
scuzzballs 37
zigzagging 37
bedazzling 36
blizzardly 36
crackajack 36
dazzlingly 36
pozzolanic 36
showbizzes 36
embezzlers 35
jackknifed 35
jackknives 35
japanizing 35
jarovizing 35
juvenilize 35
kibbutznik 35
kolkhoznik 35
maximizing 35
mizzenmast 35
schnozzles 35
schnozzola 35
shockjocks 35
skyjacking 35
cheapjacks 34
dazzlement 34
equivoques 34
jackhammer 34
jackknifes 34
kickboxing 34
knickknack 34
lumberjack 34
mezzalunas 34
pizzicatos 34
podzolized 34
shemozzles 34
sjambokked 34
supplejack 34
applejacks 33
azobenzene 33
bejumbling 33
chickenpox 33
equalizing 33
highjacked 33
jockeyship 33
joypopping 33
mezzanines 33
mozzarella 33
podzolizes 33
pozzolanas 33
quantizing 33
quickbeams 33
quincunxes 33
schizziest 33
scuzziness 33
smokejacks 33
squeezable 33
zombifying 33
zygomorphy 33
amberjacks 32
blackbucks 32
carjacking 32
checkboxes 32
chequebook 32
chiffchaff 32
complexify 32
equivocacy 32
exchequers 32
exoenzymes 32
exorcizing 32
frizziness 32
frizzliest 32
intermezzi 32
intermezzo 32
jackrabbit 32
jackscrews 32
jackstaffs 32
jacqueries 32
jargonized 32
jaywalking 32
jeopardize 32
johnnycake 32
kibbitzing 32

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More About 10 Letter Words

Keeping a great list of 10 letter words in your arsenal will surely come in handy when playing word games. These long words are perfect for landing bonuses in Words With Friends® and Scrabble®. Stretch out to double and triple word scores, and take advantage of those lucrative bingo bonuses. In fact, 10 letter words can stretch across multiple bonus squares! If your word covers two double word score spaces, you get to quadruple your points!

It’s true that 7 letter words and 8 letter words can be your bread and butter for bingo bonuses. Ten letter words, though, will really elevate your game to the next level. Study this list, review the possibilities, and grow your vocabulary to include as many 10 letter words as you can.

Funny 10 Letter Words

Just because you’re looking for high scoring words doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun while doing it. There are ABSOLUTELY some funny 10 letter words you can play, including several 10 letter words starting with A. Over in the world of science, you’ve got AVICULARIA (a species of tarantulas), AARDWOLVES (mammals native to Africa) and AVERMECTIN (a type of pesticide).

And while you might think that ABREACTION may be related to stomach movements, it’s really about reliving an ABOMINABLE experience to purge a repressed emotion. ABROGATING has nothing to do with “bros” ARCHETYPES, but rather about repealing laws and evading responsibility.

Don’t let the letter A have all the fun either. You’ve got a SMATTERING of 10 letter words starting with S like SABRETACHE (a cavalry bag) and SALMAGUNDI (an English salad with meat and cooked vegetables) too. How’s that for a couple of funny 10 letter words? It’s not all SACCHARINE (very sweet) either. Imagine the SCUZZINESS (dirty or unpleasant characteristic) of a SALIENTIAN (type of frog) or a SPUTTERER (a person who sprays saliva or food while talking).

Powerful 10 Letter Words

Mix up your easy 10 letter words with some hard 10 letter words too. That’s where you can really flex your word knowledge. Let’s say you STIPULATED that you only wanted 10 letter words with 4 I’s in them. Some examples here would include:

  • CIVILITIES: Politeness and courteous behavior

  • DIGITIZING: To convert data, text or other content into a digital format

  • GINGIVITIS: Inflammation of the gums, characterized by redness and swelling

  • INITIALIZE: To prepare for use or to start anew

  • MINIMIZING: Reducing or decreasing something to the smallest possible amount

  • NIHILISTIC: The view that everything is meaningless or nothing actually exists

  • VISIBILITY: How well you are able to see something or to be seen

10 Letter Words Without Repeating Letters

Ten letter words with no repeating letters may seem like a challenge. There are, after all, only 26 letters in the English alphabet. You may be surprised to learn that many common 10 letter words don’t repeat letters. For example:

  • LUMBERJACK: A person who fells trees and transports timber

  • TRAMPOLINE: A bouncy apparatus for acrobatic tumbling and jumping

  • BINOCULARS: A handheld device used to magnify objects from a distance

  • PALINDROME: A word or phrase that reads the same backwards and forwards

  • ARTICHOKES: The edible flower head of a Mediterranean thistle-like plant

  • BACKGROUND: The surroundings behind something

  • EARTHLINGS: Inhabitants of the planet Earth, human beings

After you commit a wide variety of 10 letter words to memory, you’ll be OUTPLAYING your word game opponents in no time.

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