12 Letter Words

When you start playing 12 letter words in your favorite word game, you’ll surely impress your opponent. You’ll likely play 3 letter and 4 letter words the most often. When you go long, you really flex your advanced knowledge of vocabulary. There aren’t too many opportunities to use 12 letter words in Scrabble® and Words With Friends®. So, capitalize if you can! It can be a real EXTRAVAGANZA of mega points! Read more about 12 letter words.

Words With Friends®


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Word Points Options
razzmatazzes 51
quizzicality 46
blackjacking 42
clickjacking 42
embezzlement 41
katzenjammer 41
objectivized 41
squeezeboxes 41
subjectivize 41
juvenilizing 40
objectivizes 40
bedazzlement 39
puzzleheaded 39
quinquennium 39
crackerjacks 38
jumboization 38
benzoquinone 37
jackhammered 37
jeopardizing 37
mezzotinting 37
muzzleloader 37
stockjobbing 37
unequalizing 37
equilibrized 36
hydroxyzines 36
hypercomplex 36
journalizing 36
lexicalizing 36
praziquantel 36
quickstepped 36
quinquennial 36
quinqueremes 36
quixotically 36
unquenchably 36
breezeblocks 35
chickenpoxes 35
circumjacent 35
conjunctival 35
equilibrizes 35
extemporized 35
extravaganza 35
maximization 35
objectifying 35
pickabacking 35
polygamizing 35
smokejumpers 35
subjectively 35
subjectivism 35
symptomizing 35
unpublicized 35
vulcanizable 35
windjammings 35
yellowjacket 35
zygapophyses 35
zygapophysis 35
antikickback 34
axiomatizing 34
barmitzvahed 34
bolshevizing 34
checkmarking 34
chickenhawks 34
communalized 34
conjunctivae 34
conjunctivas 34
conjunctives 34
cyclazocines 34
decommunized 34
exemplifying 34
extemporizer 34
extemporizes 34
frizzinesses 34
homozygously 34
immobilizing 34
juvenescence 34
macadamizing 34
mechanizable 34
mezzotinters 34
nonoxidizing 34
objectivisms 34
outjockeying 34
pancreozymin 34
phagocytized 34
photooxidize 34
piggybacking 34
plasmolyzing 34
polemicizing 34
projectively 34
psychologize 34
pulverizable 34
quacksalvers 34
quadraplexes 34
quadriplexes 34
quicksilvers 34
soliloquized 34
stockjobbers 34
subjectivity 34
subjunctives 34
subvocalized 34
sympathizing 34
thymectomize 34

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More About 12 Letter Words

You’ve come here to find the best 12 letter words to play. Naturally, the easiest way to find words by length is to peruse through our extensive word lists. Not only can you find 5 letter words with the best of them, but you can zero in on 6 letter words with Z, for example. If you want to be even more specific, our powerful word finder offers advanced options for an exceptionally robust word search. Just specify that you’re looking specifically for words with 12 letters.

Funny 12 Letter Words

In both Words With Friends® and Scrabble®, the standard letter distribution only has one Z tile and two blanks, so it’s actually impossible to play RAZZMATAZZES in either game. Even so, the colorful, informal term meant to describe something especially showy or impressive is a heck of a lot of fun to say.

Yes, playing funny 12 letter words can be more than just some KATZENJAMMER (a loud, discordant noise). As you go BUSHWHACKING through the thick trenches of exhaustive word lists, you’ll find a few terms EXEMPLIFYING just how fun (and funny) they can be.

Words of this length are a rarity among word games, to be sure. But, if you approach the prospects QUIXOTICALLY (in a very idealistic way), you just may be able to play one more often than every QUINQUENNIUM (five years). Playing a Q or 2 is an added bonus too!

What 12 Letter Words Start With A?

It may or may not surprise you that there are actually hundreds of 12 letter words starting with A in the English language. Some words, like ABBREVIATION and ACCELERATING, might come up in everyday conversation. You may even say some of them ACCIDENTALLY before you realize that you’ve ACCOMPLISHED the impressive feat.

Other 12 letter words can be much more obscure. The average person probably doesn’t know that ABSTEMIOUSLY is an adverb describing someone who exercises extreme restraint, particularly relating to food and drink.

ADDITIONALLY, there’s the musical term ACCIACCATURA, referring to a note that’s a half or a full step off from a principal note, sounded at the same time to add dissonance. Maybe an ACCORDIONIST would know about this ACCOMPANYING note.

What About Words Starting With T?

If you’re looking for 12 letter words that start with T, there is no shortage of options here either. Take in a few TEASPOONSFUL of TECHNICALITY, and you’ll be well versed in all sorts of TECHNOBABBLE in no time at all!

THEMATICALLY, all these T-words may not have a lot in common, but you’ll well up with THANKFULNESS as you lay them down in your favorite word game.

TANGENTIALLY, utilizing the advanced TECHNOLOGIES of our word unscrambler will help you find all the words you need. Our word finder isn’t just for all the TECHNOPHILES out there, because it’s super easy to use. Just enter the letters you have, click the search button, and you’ll be TERRIFICALLY impressed with the resulting word list.

Long Words for Big Points

It’s true that you won’t have too many chances to play 12 letter words. SUBJECTIVELY, that’s why it’s important to brush up on your knowledge of words of all different lengths. Pay particular attention to 7 letter words and 8 letter words. When you use all the letter tiles in your rack in certain games, you earn an extra bingo bonus for even more points! That’s how you work LEXICOGRAPHY to your advantage!

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