8 Letter Words

Eight letter words are what will really SEPARATE you from the rest of the pack. When you lay down all seven letter tiles on your rack, building on a letter already on the board, you unleash a massive 50-point bingo bonus in Scrabble® and a 35-point bonus in Words With Friends®. Start QUIZZING yourself on this word list, TRACKING big points in a dizzying APPROACH that FRAZZLES your opponent. Read more about 8 letter words.

Words With Friends®


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8 Letter Words

Word Points Options
zyzzyvas 43
jazzlike 40
vajazzle 40
buzzbomb 39
jacuzzis 39
quizzing 39
zizzling 39
bezazzes 38
pazazzes 38
pizazzes 38
squizzed 37
buzzkill 36
quizzers 36
squizzes 36
wazzocks 36
whizzkid 36
buckjump 35
buzzwigs 35
jazziest 35
scuzzbag 35
zugzwang 35
bemuzzle 34
buzzcuts 34
buzzword 34
muzzling 34
puzzling 34
whizzing 34
zhuzhing 34
buzzsaws 33
embezzle 33
fizzling 33
guzzling 33
jumboize 33
mizzling 33
unmuzzle 33
unpuzzle 33
abbozzos 32
chazzans 32
chazzens 32
dizzying 32
frizzily 32
frizzing 32
hazzanim 32
huzzahed 32
huzzaing 32
jipijapa 32
jumbucks 32
mezuzahs 32
mezuzoth 32
nuzzling 32
bedazzle 31
blizzard 31
buzzards 31
dazzling 31
flapjack 31
frazzled 31
frizzled 31
jacquard 31
jambeaux 31
jejunely 31
jewelbox 31
jujuisms 31
muezzins 31
muzzlers 31
pozzolan 31
puzzlers 31
quincunx 31
skipjack 31
swizzled 31
twizzled 31
whizzers 31
whizzier 31
albizzia 30
bejeezus 30
beziques 30
bezzants 30
buzziest 30
caziques 30
checkbox 30
frazzles 30
frizzler 30
frizzles 30
fuzziest 30
grizzled 30
guzzlers 30
highjack 30
japanize 30
jarovize 30
jejunity 30
jezebels 30
jumpoffs 30
kazachki 30
kazachok 30
kolkhozy 30
kuvaszok 30
maximize 30
mazzards 30
mezquite 30
mezquits 30
muzziest 30

50 of 2500 words

More About 8 Letter Words

As satisfying as it might be to lay down 12 letter words in your FAVORITE word game, the truth is those opportunities are few and far between. For STARTERS, you only have 7 letter tiles in your rack, so you’d need to build on 5 letters that are already on the board and in the right order to play a 12 letter word. By comparison, 8 letter words are among the highest scoring words in games like Scrabble® and Words With Friends®. Rake in that bingo bonus, play some high value tiles, and you’ll be well on your way to leaving the competition in the dust.

Highest Scoring 8 Letter Scrabble Words

First, a bit of a sobering truth. Theoretically, some of the highest scoring Scrabble® words with 8 letters include PIZZAZZY (49 points) and ZYZZYVAS (44 points). To say something is pizzazzy is to describe it as full of spirit and vigor. A zyzzyva is a type of tropical American weevil.

The bad news is that since there is only one Z tile in the game, it would be impossible to play either word for that many points. You could play ZYZZYVAS with the two blank tiles, but you’d only get 24 points since blanks are worth zero points.

Similarly, it would be great to play words like BEZAZZES or JAZZLIKE for 37 points, ZIZZLING for 36 points, or QUIZZERS for 35 points, but you’d again be limited by the Scrabble® letter tile distribution. So, with that in mind, what are some of the highest scoring 8 letter Scrabble® words you can actually play for big points? 

You could play QUIZZING for 26 points or JAZZIEST for 23 points if you used a blank in place of one of the Zs. Similarly, BUZZKILL and BUZZWORD are each worth 22 points with a blank for the second Z. If you use a blank for the second K, you can play KOLKHOZY for 21 points. 

Highest Scoring Words Without a Blank

If you don’t have a blank tile, you might play one of these words instead:

  • SOVKOZY (30 points): A type of state-run collective farming

  • QUINZHEE (29 points): A shelter made from a hollowed out pile of snow

  • BEZIQUES (28 points): A two-player card game similar to pinochle

  • CAZIQUES (28 points): Type of orioles native to the American tropics

  • CHECKBOX (28 points): A place on a form to be marked in response to a question

  • HIGHJACK (28 points): To steal by force

  • KAZACHOC (28 points): A traditional Ukrainian folk dance

  • MAXIMIZE (28 points): To make as great as possible

  • MEZQUITE (28 points): The wood of certain trees and shrubs used for smoking food

Are There 8 Letter Words Without Vowels?

You’ll certainly find several 8 letter words with K, like AARDVARK, REINVOKE and KILOBARS. There are also plenty of words with 8 letters using V, like AVENGERS, INVENTED and VAPORIZE. Unfortunately, there are no 8 letter words with no vowels. If we exclude Y as a “sometimes” vowel, the longest words without vowels include “tsktsks” and “crwths.” 

What can you do when you’re short on vowels? You might try playing words with 8 letters and only one vowel. Look SKYWARDS and start from a place of STRENGTH! Then, you’ll PROMPTLY unearth a SYMPHONY of 8 letter words with STRICTLY one vowel. With some practice, you’ll be playing less common words like TRIPTYCH, FLYSPECK, KLYSTRON and PORPHYRY in no time.

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