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One of the first obstacles any word game enthusiast or new player needs to overcome is finding where to play with other people. Competing with other players in person is almost always preferable, but it’s not always possible or practical. That’s where Woogles comes in to save the day for Scrabble fans. Woogles is a free-to-use site that brings players together for some serious online fun.

The Word on Woogles

At its core, is a site dedicated to bringing together fans of word games, Scrabble fans especially. It serves as both an online community and a place to pair up with players and rank your skills.

Accessibility and Privacy

The site accommodates a wide range of platforms. Players can use their computers, tablets or smartphones to enjoy all of Woogles’ features. Once online, you can connect with friends and new players to start having fun immediately.

One of Woogles’ most important goals is to deliver “an in-app social experience while also protecting the privacy of members.” They implement tools such as friends lists and a Child Mode for minors. These help to protect everyone’s privacy and ensure that the site offers a consistently enjoyable time for everyone.

How Woogles Kicked Things off

Woogles originally started as a Kickstarter campaign in August 2020. The campaign had a goal of $15,000, which it reached within 24 hours. Woogles officially launched two months later on October 15, 2020.

Even after it was fully funded, Woogles attracted many more word game enthusiasts who wanted to back the project. It eventually gathered 216 backers and passed its financial goal, earning $25,350 in all. For the people who launched the project, this was the proof they hoped to see that players were eager to find a word game community to join. In-person Scrabble clubs are great, but the online nature of Woogles is attractive and convenient. 

The Brains Behind It All

Woogles was a passion project started by a handful of active and dedicated word game fans. Perhaps the most well-known of these creators is César Del Solar, a competitive Scrabble player and programmer. One of his other great contributions to the Scrabble community is Aerolith, the word memorization and training website. 

Along with Del Solar are people like Jesse Day, the 2019 US National Championship winner, and Josh Castellano, the creator of In all, Woogles team members are people who have dedicated years of their lives to a shared love of Scrabble (and games like it).

How Woogles Can Spell Fun for You

Woogles main game and feature is essentially a Scrabble clone. OMGWords (Orthogonal Morphemes Game) follows the same rules as traditional Scrabble. This means it has the same number of tiles, board layout, and point system. OMGWords exists to deliver an online Scrabble alternative.

To use Woogles and play OMGWords, you will need to create an account first. Creating an account and playing the game are free. Once you have an account, you can immediately hop into the matchmaking portion of the site and start playing.

Get Started With OMGWords on Woogles

On the OMGWords page, which is where you search for games, you have four options to choose from:

  • Watch: You can choose to spectate any of the live games currently taking place. 

  • Create a Game: This option allows you to set the rules for a match that any player can join. This is the best option for anyone who wants a quick game against another person.

  • Match a Friend: Using this game mode lets you challenge your friends to a game. Set the match rules and enter a friend’s username to send them a request to play a private game.

  • Play a Computer: If you would prefer to play by yourself or if no one is currently able to play, you can play against a computer opponent. As with the other options, you can set the game rules.

Meet Players and Make Friends

Next to the Play section on the site is a Players and Chat section. Use these to both find and connect with other players. You can use the search bar to find a specific player. Or, you can see everyone who is currently online and in the lobby. 

Again, the whole point of Woogles is to meet other Scrabble and word game lovers. Being able to communicate with people with similar interests is ultimately what makes Woogles worthwhile. Yes, there are other places to play Scrabble games online. The problem with those sites, however, is that none of them have the same focus on community that Woogles does.

Climb the Wordsmith Ladder

The last great thing about Woogles worth mentioning is how it caters to people who are serious about competitive Scrabble. The site makes it easy for players to improve their skills. It does this by implementing a ranking system.

The ranking system tracks your score according to various factors. These include details such as each dictionary you use, your game history and your general stats, like your average score per game. As you play more and establish an average for yourself, Woogles will try to pair you against players who share similar skill levels.

Being matched against players with similar skills allows you to properly grow as a player. You won’t be dominated by players much better than you. You also won’t stunt your growth by playing people less skilled than you. The ranking system keeps things even and helps you to improve your game.

Find Your Perfect Woogles Helper

With OMGWords so similar to Scrabble, all the skills needed for classic board games transfer to the digital game too. But, that also means the same challenges arise as well. As most players on Woogles are quite serious about the game, getting overwhelmed quickly is a constant possibility. If you are a competitive player but maybe don’t have too much experience, do yourself a favor and let WordFinder help you. It’s the perfect Scrabble score calculator to keep by your side as you face skillful opponents.

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