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For the most part, popular word games pick one established gameplay style and deliver their take on them. Word Journey subverts that trend by including multiple game styles. The app itself is not complex in design. The biggest benefit is that you are free to dive into the gameplay quickly and move from one mechanic to the next at your desired pace. Word Journey is the perfect app for people who love variety and want to take things easy.

Preparing for Your Word Journey

Word Journey’s goal is to mix simplicity with diversity. This Android-exclusive app starts off by introducing a single game mode. As you play, you’ll unlock puzzles that use different styles of word games.

The game is sorted into puzzles, and each puzzle is part of a pack. These packs are named after world nations, hence the “journey” part of Word Journey. Each time you reach a new nation, you also begin playing a new game mode.

Travelling Across Game Styles

Each of Word Journey’s four packs, which have a total of 84 puzzles, has a distinct puzzle style. In effect, you get four Word Journey games for the price of one! The word finder game styles are some of the most popular among word game enthusiasts. How you go about finding Word Journey answers depends on the mode you’re playing. 

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Letter Circle Style

The first of the Word Journey games takes inspiration from Wordscapes and other games like it. For each puzzle, the game shows you blank letter squares arranged in an intersecting grid like a crossword puzzle. Beneath the grid is a circle of letters. Your goal is to use the letters to spell words that fit in the grid’s empty spaces.

Since the gameplay is identical to Wordscapes, you can apply the same strategies you use to beat that game. If you’ve never played Wordscapes before, our guide to Wordscapes can teach you what you need to know. You can also use our word unscrambler to help you find any word that causes too much trouble.

Falling Blocks Style

The second game mode is based on falling letter block games, like Word Swipe. Letter blocks fall into rows and columns to fill a portion of the screen. To clear a level, you must find every word mixed into the assortment of letters to make every block disappear.

When you start one of these puzzles, study the accompanying image to learn how the hidden words relate to each other. Pay attention to the word sizes too. Find the words according to size to avoid making a mistake. Also, avoid shuffling letters. If you mix the letters up too much, you can get stuck. You’ll have no choice but to exit the puzzle and start over.

Word Search Style

The third of the Word Journey games follows the rules of the classic word search, save one alteration. You need to find specific words, but the game does not list the words you need to find. It only shows blank spaces at the top of the puzzle. You need to figure out what the words are.

To do this, pay attention to the puzzle’s theme at the top, above the blank spaces. This theme will be something simple, such as “flowers.” Once you know the theme, start searching through the letters to find words relating to that theme. 

It’s best to start with the longest words and scan the letters in a grid-like pattern. Look from top to bottom, left to right and diagonally. Remember that words can also be backwards. If you use this process and take your time, you’ll find the words through the process of elimination.

Boggle Style

The last style takes inspiration from Boggle. In this Word Journey game mode, a 5 x 6 grid contains a seemingly random assortment of letters. Draw lines through the letters to find and spell words. You skills as an anagram solver will come in handy here.

This game behaves similarly to the word search mode, so you can apply a similar strategy. Start with larger words and go in a pattern. The only difference is you don’t need to form the words in straight lines. You can form words with any letters as long as they are adjacent to each other and you don’t use any letter more than once.

Enjoy More Word Game Variety

Without a doubt, Word Journey takes you on a trip across a world of variety. It may not be complex, but forcing you to change your thought process through different game modes makes for a memorable app. Word Journey can also introduce you to types of games you’ve never tried before. If playing the different styles encourages you to explore more games, our list of 10 fun Android word games will yield some new favorites for you.

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