World’s Biggest Crossword: Little Clues Mean Massive Fun

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If you love crossword puzzles and anagrams, do yourself a favor and download World’s Biggest Crossword. This game is a crossword puzzle first and foremost, but it adds a unique twist. To find the correct words, you also need to unscramble them. World’s Biggest Crossword is a fresh spin on the crossword puzzle formula you didn’t know you needed.

The Crossword’s Big Picture

True to its name, World’s Biggest Crossword offers a massive assortment of crossword puzzles for you to complete. The game’s main mode has a total of 361 puzzles. They are exactly like traditional crossword puzzles in terms of layout. The puzzle is organized into a grid; words form vertically and horizontally. The words also intersect with each other, meaning some words share letters.

What sets World’s Biggest Crossword apart from other crossword puzzles is the integration of an anagram solver. Most crossword puzzle apps provide you with a full digital keyboard to create your answers. This game does not. It gives you 12 scrambled letters for each missing word.

Each missing word also comes with a clue to help you find it, like a regular crossword. Tap on the spaces to make the clue appear. Once it does, you need to find words from the provided combination of letters.

More Crossword Game Modes

On top of the main game, which is simply called World’s Biggest Crossword, there are several other games you can unlock and play. These other puzzle packs are smaller than the main one; they have only 100 puzzles each. But, there are six puzzle packs to unlock. This brings the total number of available puzzles in the game to 961.

  • Daily Diamond: Complete quick-fire puzzles for daily rewards.

  • World’s Tallest Crossword: Puzzles are presented in a tower. Unlock puzzles in groups and complete them to increase the tower’s height.

  • Codewords: Decipher alphabet and number-based codes to complete the puzzles. 

  • Word Grid: Drag and drop letter tiles into the blank squares of the grid to spell the words.

  • Quote Falls: Move letter tiles into the correct squares to spell out a famous or iconic quote.

  • British Cryptics: Use your wordplay skills to find the keywords. The clues challenge you to pay attention to how they are spelled, sound and structured to deduce what the answer is.

Useful Strategies to Ensure Success

Crossword puzzles games are always fun. But, they are known for being difficult tests of your knowledge. When you add an anagram-solving element to it, the difficulty can climb even higher. Don’t let any of the puzzles in World’s Biggest Crossword intimidate you, though. Instead, let these tips and strategies help you cut these massive puzzles down to size.

  • Skip words you don’t know: The puzzles don’t lock you into completing them in a specific order. When you get stumped by a word, move around and find another one to complete. Doing so will eventually fill enough shared letters to help you find the one you had trouble with.

  • Find the smaller words first: Since words can be no longer than 12 letters, there are plenty of shorter words dotted throughout every puzzle. These are typically easier to figure out, so solve them first to help find the letters for the larger words.

  • Use the power-ups: There are two power-ups available to use. One reveals the first letter in a word. Another one reveals which of your selectable letters are actually part of a word. Use these when you need a starting point. Keep in mind that you need to spend Coins, an in-game currency, to activate them. Don’t overuse them and accidentally waste all of your resources.

  • Use a thesaurus: The clues given are often one or two words that describe the word you’re trying to find. If you use a good thesaurus to find words related to the clues, you can sometimes figure out what the missing word is.

  • Let WordFinder help: When you don’t have a clue of what a missing word could be, go to WordFinder for help. Our word unscrambler is the ultimate crossword solver. Type in the available letters and scroll through the generated word list to find your answer.

Play CodyCross for More Crossword Variety

World’s Biggest Crossword delivers lots of content to keep crossword puzzle fans happy for a long time. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t play some other fun crossword spinoff games alongside it. One such game you should check out is CodyCross. This space-themed game will take you on an out-of-this-world journey across a ton of fun puzzles.

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