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You already know that WordFinder® is the best place to go for any word game help you might need. We’ll unscramble letters, solve your daily Wordle, and keep you up-to-date on new word games you should check out. Now, we’ve got free online games for you to play too, right here in your browser, no download needed.

What can you expect when you point your web browser at our free online games page? Browse through our diverse collection of browser games, pick the one you want to try, and hit the “play now” button. If you’re on a mobile device, the games play like full-screen apps. It’s that easy.

Free Daily Crosswords for Everyone

Enjoy the convenience of several free online crossword puzzles you can solve every day! Take your time with the popular LA Times Daily Crossword, for example, with clues that span a broad range of vocabulary, culture, humor and wordplay. If you get stuck on particularly tricky crossword clues, you can always turn to our crossword solver tool for help too.  

WordFinder Games: CrosswordsWordFinder Games: Crosswords

Short on time? Not a problem. Try your hand at the Micro Crossword, which you should be able to solve in about a minute. And if you like classic jumble solvers, you should check out Jumble Crossword Daily. It combines That Scrambled Word Game with a crossword puzzle grid. 

Challenging Sudoku Puzzles

It’s a common misconception that sudoku puzzles are math games. They’re not. You don’t need to do any actual math to complete a sudoku puzzle. Rather, it’s all about working out the problem logically, fitting the numbers one through nine in each row, column and square without repeating. 

WordFinder Games: SudokuWordFinder Games: Sudoku

It’s almost like a crossword puzzle, without the clues or the words. Playing the Daily Sudoku logic-based game is great for keeping your mind sharp, especially among older adults. If you want the added mathematical challenge, calculate your way through Killer Sudoku Pro. The colored segments must correspond to the mathematical equations and their answers too.

Logic Puzzle Games

A big part of the reason why so many people love playing Wordle is that it’s just as much a logic puzzle as it is a word game. Seek out the winning patterns in our variety of logic puzzle games. Combine different shapes to form lines and columns in 2020 Blocks, for example. Or piece it all together with the Daily Jigsaw.

WordFinder Games: Logic PuzzlesWordFinder Games: Logic Puzzles


Do you enjoy the logic of numbers? Kubok 9 may look like a smaller version of sudoku at first, but its hidden complexity provides an excellent challenge. Fit the missing numbers from 1 to 9, without repeating, so the rows and columns add up to the circled numbers. 

Online Mahjong Games

One of the most popular online games is mahjong. The concept is simple enough: Look for matching pairs of tiles to clear the board completely. You can only match the tiles if they are “free,” meaning they are not blocked by other tiles. It must be free on either the left or right side, and there mustn’t be another tile on top of it.

WordFinder Games: MahjongWordFinder Games: Mahjong

For a slightly different take on the mahjong genre, try your hand at Butterfly Kyodai. You still need to find matching tile pieces — they’re beautiful butterfly wings, in this case — but you need to connect them using no more than two lines. The game gets you to look at the grid in a wholly different kind of way. 

Fun Match 3 Games

If you’ve been playing online and mobile puzzle games for a while, match-3 games should feel instantly familiar. Swap adjacent pieces to form matching rows or columns of candy, cookies, jewels and even pets! We’ve got match-3 games featuring a variety of themes, so you’re sure to find one you’ll enjoy.  

WordFinder Games: Match 3WordFinder Games: Match 3

Crush those candies like a pro in Candy Rain Episode V. And remember that when you match more than three pieces in a row, you unlock robust power-ups, clearing whole rows and sections at a time. What do you think happens when you combine those power-ups together? 

Classic Online Solitaire

Maybe you’d like to look beyond crossword puzzle clues and matching tiles? Maybe playing card games is more your cup of tea? Online solitaire can take on a few different forms, depending on the kind of card pattern-forming you prefer to play.

WordFinder Games: SolitaireWordFinder Games: Solitaire

There’s Classic Solitaire, of course, with the popular klondike configuration. Sort and organize your cards from ace to king for each of the four suits, arranging them in card columns while dealing through the deck. For a faster approach, try Solitaire Swift. Here, you can add consecutive cards that are higher or lower than the build pile. There are even joker cards!

Come Back Every Day to Play Games Online

Whether you’re just looking to pass the time during your daily commute or you want to play a variety of online games as a form of brain training, WordFinder Games makes it easy. There’s no need to download or install anything on your computer or mobile device. Just point your browser at our games page, choose what you want to play, and enjoy it all for free. Bookmark our page so it’s always at your fingertips!  

Michael Kwan is a professional writer and editor with over 16 years of experience. Fueled by caffeine and WiFi, he's no stranger to word games and dad jokes.


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