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There are nearly 100 five-letter words with two U’s in Wordle. Even if you are so fortunate as to identify that today’s Wordle answer has two U’s in it, you’ve still got some work ahead of you before you can solve the puzzle of the day. How can you find the best U words to keep your Wordle streak going?

Well, we know that Wordle answers are never simple plurals ending in S. While you can play a word like LUAUS, it will never be the answer. This narrows down the field by about 20 playable words. As you continue your quest for five green squares, keep Wordle word lists like this in your back pocket for possible plays.

Five-Letter Words That Start With U

The best Wordle starting words can point you in the right direction. But, you’ve got to keep building on the yellow and green squares you reveal. Go beyond the USUAL suspects to USURP any reigning Wordle champion in your circle. The following list of five-letter words start with the letter U and contain a second U (or even a third U) too. 

  • uhuru

  • uncus

  • uncut

  • undue

  • undug

  • ungum

  • unkut

  • unput

  • unsub

  • upful

  • uprun

  • urubu

  • urupa

  • usque

  • usual

  • usure

  • usurp

  • usury

  • uvula

Wordle Words With Two U’s and No Other Vowels

If you get stuck and turn to our Wordle solver for help, you can enter letters you know are in the correct position (green squares). When you know you need 5-letter words with 2 U’s, but they could be in any position, entering the two U’s in the “includes” field reveals possible words like CUTUP, HUMUS and WUSHU.

  • buchu

  • bucku

  • bundu

  • bussu

  • butut

  • cusum

  • cutup

  • dufus

  • dukun

  • durum

  • fucus

  • hudud

  • humus

  • jugum

  • kudzu

  • kurus

  • kutus

  • lupus

  • lusus

  • mucus

  • mundu

  • muntu

  • muruk

  • mutum

  • phutu

  • pulut

  • puttu

  • rubus

  • rufus

  • runup

  • suhur

  • sukuk

  • sunup

  • tuktu

  • wushu

Wordle Words With Two U’s and Another Vowel

Even if the letter U shows up twice in a Wordle answer, it’s possible another vowel could appear in one (or more) of the remaining three spots in the five-letter word. Indeed, you’ll find five-letter words with E and two U’s, like FUGUE and TUQUE. There are even five-letter words with two U’s and two E’s, like QUEUE. It’s a wild Wordle world out there! 

  • ahuru

  • aurum

  • boutu

  • fugue

  • hukou

  • kauru

  • nuque

  • purau

  • puuko

  • queue

  • queyu

  • quipu

  • quouk

  • tuque

  • voulu

Solve Even the Hardest Wordle With Daily Hints

Wordle can definitely throw players a curveball every now and then. As NYMPH and GLYPH revealed, words with only Y as the vowel can be extra tricky! You might also encounter similar challenges finding five-letter words with two U’s. Fear not, fellow intrepid word game fan. Let WordFinder guide the way with daily Wordle hints too. We’re here to help keep your Wordle streak alive.

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