8 Top Places to Play Scrabble Offline (Games & Apps)

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Millions of people around the world enjoy playing Scrabble. And they enjoy playing it in different ways. The Scrabble formula has been adapted and revised dozens of times, with an explosion of new spelling games inspired by it in recent years. Most have been apps for mobile devices. These games are great, but their reliance on an internet connection can be a hindrance. If you want to play Scrabble offline, the following are your best choices to do that.

Scrabble Board Game

The first and most obvious way to play Scrabble offline is to pick up a copy of the official board game. You can buy the game at almost any major retail store, both in person and online.

This version of the game is the one that started it all. So, anyone who has any interest in Scrabble should own a copy of their own. It’s perfect for those days when you and your friends want to step away from your screens and have some face-to-face fun.

Words With Friends Board Game

Some people might not have guessed it, but Words With Friends was adapted into a physical board game in 2012. And, in an ironic twist, it was published by Hasbro, the same company that publishes Scrabble.

The Words With Friends board game is essentially the reverse of Scrabble GO. Scrabble GO was created as a digital rendition of a board game. By contrast, this Words With Friends board game was created to be a physical version of a digital game. It employs most of the same rules as the app, using the same letter tiles and board layout.

Scrabble Video Game

When you want to play a classic game of Scrabble, but you don’t have anyone nearby to play with, you still have the option to play Scrabble on a game console or PC. This version of the game, developed and published by Ubisoft, offers both offline and online modes, plus computer opponents and rank tracking.

One of the best things about this version of Scrabble is you can download it on many platforms. Thanks to Ubisoft’s take on this game, you can play Scrabble offline on your Playstation 4, Xbox One or PC.

Words With Friends Offline

This might come as a surprise to some players, but Words With Friends does have an offline option. It is the game’s Practice Mode, which is the only thing you can open when you don’t have an internet connection.

Once you select Practice Mode, the app loads a basic game with a standard computer opponent. When you can’t get online, this mode is a good way to get in some practice until you reconnect again.

Classic Words Solo

Classic Words Solo is an incredibly basic Scrabble clone. That’s a good thing, and the point of the app, actually. It gives word game fans a quick and easy way to play Scrabble offline and on the go. 

This app is definitely meant for avid and competitive players. There are no extra features and no power-ups. You do, however, have the option to change your word list. You can pick the NASPA word list, if you’d like, for example. Plus, you can alter the difficulty of the computer, ranging from Very Easy to Extremely Hard.

Wordmeister Solo Word Puzzle

Another Scrabble offline game that isn’t actually Scrabble is Wordmeister Solo. Similar to Classic Words Solo, this iOS-exclusive app takes a no-frills approach with its gameplay. And thanks to that decision, you can play it anywhere at any time, including offline.

The major difference between this game and Classic Words is that you don’t have any game options. You can’t change the difficulty and you can’t pick a different word list. So, when compared to Classic Words Solo, Wordmeister Solo is better suited for less competitive players.

Wordster – Offline Scramble Words Friends Game

Wordster is almost the same as the previous two games but differentiates itself by including features inspired by Words With Friends. The inspiration might seem amusing, considering Wordster is entirely a single-player game and Words With Friends focuses heavily on multiplayer, but what Wordster does, works.

You can use power-ups that are nearly identical to the ones in Words With Friends. You can also look at the best spots on the board to place words, reveal words you can spell with your tiles and swap unwanted tiles.

Happy Words

If you have a Steam account or a Nintendo Switch, you can purchase a fun offline Scrabble app called Happy Words. The gameplay is almost identical to Scrabble. Like Classic Words Solo, Happy Words also provides useful player options. You’ll appreciate being able to alter the number of tiles you play with and the time limit for each turn.

Happy Words has offline single-player, local multiplayer and online multiplayer modes. Plus, up to four people can play together. 

Scrabble Options for When You’re Online Again

Having multiple ways to play Scrabble offline is great, especially for playing on your computer or phone. There is no official offline Scrabble app, unfortunately, and the total number of options is a little limited. Things are much different when online, however. There are many online versions of Scrabble to consider. WordFinder's list of nine great online Scrabble games will point you in their direction. Read it over and see if you can find any titles you’ve never tried before.

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