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Wordle is one of the best word games to come out in a long time. That said, solving only one puzzle doesn’t always feel like enough. And no, we don’t mean playing more than one puzzle in a day. We mean playing more than one puzzle at a time. There are a few games that let you do this, but the most popular and satisfying of them is Quordle. For those of you who want to up your Wordle fun, this guide will teach you the need-to-knows about the Quordle word game.

What Is Quordle?

Simply (and literally) put, Quordle is what happens when you take your task as a Wordle solver and multiply it by a factor of four. There are a few minor changes to how Quordle works, which we’ll explain later, but the Quordle word game really is what you should expect it to be: Wordle, four times and at the same time. Conveniently, it’s still an online word game you can play in any web browser.

How to Play Quordle

If you’ve played Wordle, you can jump right in to start playing and solving Quordle. The core process and objective are exactly the same.

Screenshots of Quordle word gameScreenshots of Quordle word game
  1. Enter five-letter words one at a time into the first row of empty squares.

  2. After you’ve entered a valid word, the game will change the colors of the squares. 

  3. Green squares signify that a letter in your word is part of the answer and already in the correct spot. 

  4. Yellow squares mean that the letter is in the answer but in the incorrect position. 

  5. Gray squares mean that a letter is not part of the answer.

  6. Use the information from the previous word to choose your next guess. Repeat this process until you find all four answers or run out of guesses.

Remember that you have to find four answers to solve each Quordle puzzle. When you enter a word to guess, it applies to all four word puzzles simultaneously. They’ll each light up green, yellow and gray accordingly. 

Differences Between Quordle and Wordle 

As for the differences between Quordle and Wordle, there’s more to learn than the addition of three puzzles. These are the subtle changes that make Quordle function properly as a harder, four-puzzle word game. 

  • You have more chances to win. Quordle gives you nine chances to find the answers, compared to six chances in Wordle. Though, in reality, the ratio is actually less forgiving, because you have to find four Quordle answers compared to just one Wordle answer. This is why you need to plan and play your words carefully.

  • Every word you play applies to each puzzle simultaneously. As noted above, when you play a word in Quordle, the game applies it to all four puzzles at once. You need to think about each puzzle as you play any word, as each choice you make affects everything. This is the biggest Quordle difference to keep in mind.

  • The game randomly chooses its puzzle answers. Even the game’s creator doesn’t know what the answers for each puzzle will be. You can see this on the Quordle Twitter account. What this means for you is that Quordle answers can end up being some truly obscure words. 

  • The word list is larger than Wordle’s. Again, obscure and rarely used words are going to be commonplace in Quordle. This isn’t like Wordle where the game’s creator, Josh Wardle, curated the word list and pre-selected what words you’d see. Quordle is a game that caters to wordsmiths.

  • Quordle has a practice mode. In addition to the main daily puzzle, you can also play the Quordle practice mode as many times as you’d like. With Wordle, you had to find suitable Wordle alternatives to practice. Not so with Quordle. 

Share Your Quordle Success Online

Just like how you can share your results for every Wordle answer each day, you can do the same with your Quordle answers. You can copy and paste a text-based, spoiler-free re-creation of your results and share them on social media. You can also save an image that Quordle generates. Then, you can share that instead of using the text. 

Quordle Stats and Achievements

The game tracks your daily Quordle stats, including how many games you’ve played, your winning percentage, your current streak, and your win distribution (how many guesses it took to find all four words). 

Quordle achievements and stats pageQuordle achievements and stats page

Quordle also takes things further by awarding achievements for your wins and progress over time. There are 46 Quordle achievements in total (to date). They don’t affect the actual game, but they are fun for personal gaming goals and bragging rights. Some of them are also “anti-achievements” that push you to improve your skills.

Some available Quordle achievements include:

  • Double or Nothing: Guess a word with 2 of the same letter.

  • Unbreakable (50): Reach a maximum streak of 50 for the daily.

  • Par: Win a game in 8 turns.

  • So Close: Lose a game with 1 missed word.

  • Step It Up: Lose a game with 3 missed words.

  • Are You Even Trying?: Lose a game with 4 missed words.

To view your daily statistics and unlocked achievements, click on the “down” arrow near the top-right corner of the Quordle main screen. This opens up the game’s menu, which is also where you can access settings like dark mode, colorblind mode, and keyboard height.

Quordle Creators and the Dordle Connection

It’s no secret or surprise that Quordle’s creation was inspired by the original Wordle. Many new word games have sprung up recently are the same way. Canuckle and Waffle are prime examples. But, Quordle also owes a lot of credit to Dordle, one of the first Wordle-inspired games. It challenges players to solve two word puzzles at the same time.

Using Dordle’s design as a starting point, site reliability engineer David Mah put together the foundation of what would become Quordle. From there, Freddie Meyer, a software engineer and friend of David’s, took the original code and modified it into the Quordle we play today. 

Thanks to David and Freddie’s ingenuity and effort, Quordle is now the most popular Wordle spinoff on the net. According to the site’s official statistics, Quordle has over 15 million total players. Over two million people play Quordle daily.

Quordle Tips and Strategies

Quordle is a more difficult game than Wordle. That shouldn’t really come as a surprise, but this word puzzler will absolutely catch you off guard if you aren’t ready for it. We actually have a full guide for solving multi-puzzle Wordle-like games, if you’re looking for tips and strategy. 

In case you’re playing today’s Quordle right now and need some quick help, here are some of the most essential details to remember. 

  • Leave the mostly solved words for later: If you find three or more letters in any of the puzzles after playing one or two words, leave them be for a bit. You can come back and solve them later. Instead, focus on finding more letters for any of the puzzles that haven’t yielded many green or yellow squares.

  • Solve every word at once: While you should try to find more letters for the words that don’t have many, you also don’t want to fixate on any single word for too long. Wasting too many turns trying to solve one puzzle might make it impossible to find every Quordle answer today.

  • Your starting words might need to change: There is a proven system for finding the best Wordle starting words. That system can help in Quordle, but only to an extent. The shift from one to four puzzles can make certain words less useful overall. You need to experiment to find your best Quordle starting words. 

Quordle’s Fellow Brain-Teasing Games

If you were looking for information about Quordle today because you love challenging word games, we’re glad we could help. We’re also going to help you even more by telling you about more Wordle-like games to enjoy. These online word games make an effort to draw out all of your effort. Quordle is one of them, but be sure to read over our full collection of truly challenging Wordle-inspired games. These are the games that will really test your puzzle-solving skills. 

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