Crosswords With Friends Tips to Outwit Your Opponents

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Words With Friends is an incredibly popular game. It’s also a blast to play with friends and other players from around the world. But, what if you’re not a fan of the Scrabble-inspired gameplay? Perhaps you’re a word lover, but the points and scores of Word With Friends are a turnoff. In that case, Crosswords With Friends is a great alternative option. If you want to excel at Crosswords With Friends and keep up with the other players, these tips can make it a quick and easy process.

About the Crosswords With Friends App

Taking heavy inspiration from traditional newspaper crossword puzzles, Crossword With Friends provides a complex but engaging experience. It offers various modes, weekly challenges and puzzle packs that almost seem endless. With all of these combined, your time spent finding words will always feel fun and invigorating.

Crosswords With Friends was developed by Zynga Inc. This is the same company responsible for Words With Friends and Words With Friends 2. This is why Crosswords With Friends shares a lot of the same design elements. Examples include the focus on multiplayer and the numerous themed puzzle packs.

How to Play

At its core, Crosswords With Friends is a traditional crossword puzzle game. To that end, you play and win the same way you do with any crossword puzzle. 

  1. Read the clues for each empty space on the grid.

  2. Spell out the words that you believe are the answers.

  3. Use the letters you add to help form the answers for other missing words, arranged in “down” and “across” orientations.

The core gameplay is nothing radically different from what you probably already enjoy. The only major shift comes from two key features. You have the ability to play with other people and you can use certain in-game helping tools.

Find Crosswords With Friends Answers

Crossword puzzles are a lot of fun, but there inevitably comes a time when you can’t find the answer. It can take you a while to solve it. The problem is that, in the Crosswords With Friends app, the puzzles are all timed. If you want to get the highest ranking possible and beat your opponents, you need to make words and complete the crosswords quickly.

With time being such a big factor in Crosswords With Friends, these tips can keep you on the path to the best scores.

Develop Your Vocabulary 

The most important aspect of being good at crossword puzzles is to expand your knowledge about a variety of topics. Doing so will increase your vocabulary and reduce the chances of encountering a question you know nothing about. If you want to learn about new topics, try playing some trivia quiz games.

Move Around the Board 

If you get stumped by a crossword clue, try moving onto another one. Don’t let stubbornness keep you from moving forward in a game. The timer is always going. As you fill in the Crosswords With Friends answers you do know, you’ll gain letters that can help you solve more difficult crossword clues.

Check the Down and Across Questions

Once you start running into multiple questions where you don’t know the answers, switch back and forth between the down and across clues. They share letters with each other. When you fill in a few crossword answers, you’ll start to fill a lot of the blanks. And in Crosswords With Friends, switching between the down and across questions is quick and easy.

Use the Available Tools 

Don’t ignore the helpful tools the game gives you. Some of them require you to collect and then spend coins to use, but they can make all the difference when you’re trying to finish a puzzle quickly. Some of them reveal letters or even full words. Another one will show you when a letter you’ve entered is incorrect.

Experiment With Letters

If you turn on the option to see incorrect letters, don’t be afraid to experiment with them. It’s especially helpful if you try all the vowels in a word. Doing so can quickly eliminate a lot of wrong guesses. It can also help you spot answers you didn’t see in connected word spaces. 

Get Help From WordFinder

If you are completely stumped and don’t want to rely on spending all your coins on the tools, our crossword solver can help. Download the WordFinder app and select Crosswords With Friends from the game options. 

Enter the letters from a partially complete word and add question marks to designate missing letters (you can add up to three). WordFinder will generate an extensive list of usable words for you. It’s one of the best Crosswords With Friends cheats around, if we do say so ourselves! 

Cross Paths With More Fun Puzzles

It’s easy to compare Crosswords With Friends with other crossword puzzles. It’s like how people commonly compare Words With Friends to Scrabble. One of the most notable comparisons is to The New York Times crossword puzzle. For many people, it’s the “original” crossword. The newspaper has been running their puzzle for decades, and now they have an app dedicated to it: The NY Times Crossword. If you love crossword puzzles, read up on their mobile app to see if it would be another fun gaming option for you.

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