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Word Collect main and mini games

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When a style of puzzle becomes incredibly popular, and the demand remains high, more games will continue to implement it. Word Collect is a great example of this. The app thrives from being a quality letter circle puzzle game. At the same time, Word Collect doesn’t rest solely on its Wordscapes-inspired origins. It also introduces unique updates and different game modes to offer an entertaining experience like no other app.

Word Collect at a Glance

At its core, Word Collect for iOS and Android is similar to games like Wordscapes and Word Cookies. It has the same letter circle puzzle formula made popular by Wordscapes. And, it uses columns and rows to display its hidden words, just like Word Cookies.

Word Collect game app screenshotsWord Collect game app screenshots

With over 2,500 levels to complete, Word Collect is a perfect app choice for any word game fan. You’ll always have something to do in the game. And that’s not even including the other challenges and the mini-games. (More details about the mini-games are below.)

How to Play Word Collect

The play mechanics of Word Collect are easy to learn for anyone who enjoys games like Wordscapes. Aside from the mini-games, every level plays the exact same way. The only thing that changes is the difficulty.

  • At the top of the screen are blank squares organized in rows and columns. Each square represents a letter, and combined they represent a puzzle’s keywords. 

  • Below the squares are a circle made out of letters. Puzzles will have as few as 3 letters at the start of the game, but more are added as you progress through the levels. 

  • Draw a line with your finger from one letter to the next to make a word. If the word you create is valid, it will appear somewhere in the blank squares above.

  • Complete each puzzle by finding and spelling every missing keyword.

Take on the Daily Challenge

The core game doesn’t include many extra features, which is a good thing. This type of word puzzle formula rarely benefits from too much modification. That’s why the only change in the Daily Challenge is the increased difficulty. It is a harder game mode.

The Daily Challenges have two games each day: one in the morning and one in the evening. The gameplay is the same as Word Collect’s normal levels, but there are usually many more keywords to unlock, and the letter circle contains more letters. For context, normal levels start with as few as three words and three letters. A typical Daily Challenge might have 18 words and seven letters.

Mix Things Up With Mini-Games

To give the players some extra content, Word Collect also features mini-games for them to play. There are six mini-games in total, each offering unique gameplay.

  • Image Quiz: The game shows you a single image. You then need to create the word the image represents using a set of random letters beneath it. This is similar to games like 4 Pics 1 Word and Pictoword. 

  • Just 2 Emojis: This game is similar to Image Quiz. Instead of a single image, though, you get a pair of emojis.

  • Word Snake: Use your finger to lead a snake through obstacles. Some of the obstacles are rows of words. Most of the words are fake, and you need to lead the snake to and through only real words.

  • Word Arrows: The spinning wheel in the middle of the screen has four words written on it. Some of the words are real; others are fake. Beneath the wheel is a bow with arrows. Tap on the bow to shoot an arrow. Shoot the arrows to hit the real words on the wheel.

  • Whack-a-Melon: When a round of this game starts, you have a couple of seconds to look at the cartoon melons with words written on them. One of the melons has a fake word. Tap on that word before time runs out.

  • Word Quiz: This is another game like Image Quiz. The difference here is that each puzzle has a short clue, similar to a crossword puzzle, for the missing word rather than an image. 

Games That Offer Variety

Word Collect delivers a lot more than any player might expect when they first download the game. The levels keep you invested, the Daily Challenges live up to their name and the mini-games let you try something new. This game delivers surprisingly balanced variety, which is a treat for gamers. It’s rare to see that in most apps. So, when you find an app that offers variety, it’s hard to ignore it. One such app is Word Journey. It’s the perfect game for anyone who loves the occasional change of pace.

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