Word Fight: A Two-Player Wordle Game That Ups the Ante

Word Fight

Created by WordFinder

Do you look forward to playing Wordle each day? Do you wish there was more of a competitive element to Wordle beyond simply sharing your daily score on social media? That’s exactly what Word Fight is all about! Available for iOS and Android devices, Word Fight takes the popular Wordle formula and adapts it into a versus word game. Can you beat your friends again and again in this battle of superior word-guessing skills?

What Is Word Fight? A Versus Wordle Game

The core idea behind Word Fight will feel familiar to anyone who has played Wordle. Just like with Wordle, the objective in Word Fight is to identify mystery five-letter words. The difference is that while Wordle is a solo game that you play by yourself, Word Fight pits you against other players from around the world. 

It’s not a race against the clock. Rather, it’s about who can find the word in the least number of guesses.

Word Fight is a one-on-one versus game. This means you square off against individual opponents to see who is the better word finder. This is a sharp departure from other Wordle-like games, which have mostly been single-player games like Quordle. And, while everyone looks for the same Wordle answers each day, the mystery word in Word Fight matches is selected at random each time. 

Why You Should Play the Word Fight Game

The competitive, adversarial dynamic of Word Fight is a big part of its appeal. This is true whether you choose only to play with friends, family members and colleagues, or you choose to start games with strangers too. By trying to find the same five-letter word as your opponent at the same time, you really get a sense of how good you are at this game. 

Just like with Words With Friends, gameplay in Word Fight is asynchronous. This means you don’t need to play a game “live” or “in real time” with your opponent. Once you make your guess, your opponent will have 24 hours to make their next guess. This allows players to enjoy the game when it is most convenient to them!

Playing Word Fight with friends is also good practice for Wordle, just like playing some of the other Wordle spinoffs. The better you get at Word Fight, the better you’ll be at Wordle, and vice versa. 

Where to Download Word Fight

Unlike Wordle, there is no web-based version of the Word Fight game. It is only available as a mobile app. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can get Word Fight via the iOS App Store. If you have an Android device, you can download Word Fight from the Google Play Store

How to Play Word Fight: Easy Instructions

Getting started with Word Fight is just as easy as getting started with Wordle. If you’ve already been looking for five-letter words for months, you’ll feel right at home with Word Fight. After installing the game on your iOS or Android device, you choose your username. Once you do that, you can start your first game. 

Word Fight screenshotsWord Fight screenshots
  1. Tap on the plus (+) button in the top-right corner to start a new game. 

  2. Choose if you’d rather play with a friend or against a random opponent. 

  3. If you choose to play with a friend, you can select which friend on the next screen.

  4. Enter your first guess using the on-screen keyboard. The best starting words in Wordle are equally useful in Word Fight. 

  5. Similar to Wordle, letters that are in the correct position will light up green. Letters that are in the word but in the wrong location light up a peach color.

  6. Your opponent has 12 hours to enter their first guess. After the first round, players have 24 hours to make subsequent moves.

  7. Continue guessing until you or your opponent correctly identify the mystery word. 

Additional Options, Settings and Features

Word Fight is a clean and simple game with little in the way of distractions or power-ups. This is in line with the minimalist appeal of the Wordle game that inspired it. There are a few options and settings you’ll want to explore, though.

  • Friends: Add people to your friends list by searching for their username. 

  • User rating: Gain and lose points by winning and losing games, similar to the Elo rating system in Scrabble and chess. You start with a rating of 1200.

  • Ranking: See you ranked placement relative to all other Word Fight players. 

  • Color blind mode: Letters in the correct position light up blue instead of green. Letters in the word but in the wrong spot still light up a peach color. 

  • See each other’s words: By default, you cannot see what words your opponent is guessing. You can only see their green and peach squares. Enable this toggle option when creating a game to see your opponent’s guesses as you play the game. 

Word Fight Winning Tips and Strategy

By and large, you can apply many of your top Wordle strategies when trying to win in Word Fight. That said, some tips and tricks are specific to Word Fight too.

  • Start strong: Not all starting words are made alike! Be sure to skip some of the worst Wordle words that many people previously thought were pretty good. 

  • Avoid repeating letters: There are going to be answers with duplicate letters. Even so, it’s sound strategy to eliminate as many letters in as few guesses as possible first. 

  • Forget about hard mode thinking: Word Fight doesn’t have a Wordle hard mode. Just because you’ve identified a green letter doesn’t mean you have to use it in subsequent guesses. 

  • Watch their squares too: Even if you’ve disabled the ability to see each other’s words, seeing your opponent’s patterns of colored squares may offer some clues as to the answer.

  • Use our Wordle solver: When you get stuck, entering what letters you know into our Wordle solver tool can reveal possible solutions you may have overlooked.

Solve Every Puzzle With Daily Wordle Hints

Playing Wordle every day can be a lot of fun. And although people can share their squares and participate in discussions online, the core Wordle game lacks a social element. That’s partly why Hasbro and NYT Games decided to create the Wordle Party Game. It shares a lot in common with Word Fight, but in an analog kind of way.

In the meantime, as you continue solving your daily puzzles, you can turn to our Wordle hints for help. They’re a fun way to point you in the right direction without outright giving you the answer. 

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