Words of Wonder Cheats and Answers for a Swift Victory

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A particularly challenging level of Words of Wonder has you scratching your head? Looking at those letters, you’re not sure how you’ll find the Words of Wonder answers to earn the highest score? Fret not, fellow word game enthusiasts. While you may not find Words of Wonder cheats to pass every stage, you will benefit from these helpful hints to win at this game.

Tips for Words of Wonders

Before diving in, it’s important to make a critical distinction. A single letter can make all the difference. That’s because Words of Wonder is not the same game as Words of Wonders. The latter title, with an “S” on “Wonders,” is a circle word game like Wordscapes. In that game, you see letters arranged in a circle. You must then connect them to make words on the crossword puzzle-like board.

If you need help in that game, follow advice for beating similar Wordscapes-style games. Our article on Wordscapes tips and strategies offers more on that subject. For example, always remember to add an S to every word if you’ve got one to use!

How to Beat Words of Wonder

The name of the game here is Words of Wonder, without an S at the end. Available for Google Android via the Play Store and Apple iOS devices via the App Store, Words of Wonder plays like Boggle. But instead of a simple 4 x 4 grid, Words of Wonder offers larger layouts. They can be as many as seven letters across, with columns of up to nine letters.

Find words by forming letter chains, including horizontal, vertical and even diagonal connections. How can you beat the toughest levels? Keep these tips and pointers in mind as you try to find all of the Words of Wonder answers.

screenshots of words of wonder game boardscreenshots of words of wonder game board

Start With the Objective

To make the most of our Words of Wonder help, you need to start at the beginning. That means knowing exactly what your goal is. On some levels, you need to form a certain number of words. On other levels, the objective might be to clear the ink. As you swipe those words, keep the level’s objective in mind. Is what you’re doing the best way to achieve that goal? Don’t waste moves on words that don’t move you closer to beating the level.

Build Bigger Words

With levels where you may need to clear some ink or drop quills to the bottom of the stage, you may be tempted to play quick, short words. Avoid this temptation and remember this handy Words of Wonder cheat while you play: Building bigger words provides bonuses and power-ups for you to use. 

  • Four-letter words turn the last letter into a double word bonus, which explodes letters in four directions.

  • Five-letter words turn the last letter into a triple word bonus, which explodes letters in eight directions.

  • Six-letter words turn the last letter into a triple word bonus, which clears an entire row or column.

  • Seven-letter words turn the last letter into a triple word bonus, which clears an entire row and column in a “plus” formation.

  • Eight-letter words unleash multiple explosions on the board. Plus, they add several triple word bonuses to the board.

End Words With an S

This doesn’t apply to three-letter words, as those don’t generate any bonuses. By ending longer words with an “S,” you make it easier to keep creating and using bonuses over and over again. 

The letter “S” is so helpful because you can pluralize most nouns with it. DOG becomes DOGS, TILE becomes TILES, and so on. You’ll often find an “S” at the end of some verbs too. RUN becomes RUNS, WRITE becomes WRITES, and so forth. Keep the cycle going and use a bonus on practically every turn.

Stack Those Bonuses

Just as you can combine bonus squares in Scrabble GO and Words With Friends, you can combine them in Words of Wonder too. If you have the opportunity to form Words of Wonder answers with more than one bonus letter, do it. That’s how you’ll maximize your score and take advantage of multiple explosions and line clearings.

Unscrambling Letters, Finding Words

Bask in the glory of accomplishment when you clear an especially challenging Words of Wonder game. These word games wouldn’t be any fun if they were too easy, right? Feel that same sense of achievement when unscrambling letters by following WordFinder's tips on how to solve any anagrams game. From Wordscapes to Word Chums, they’ll never know what hit them. 

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