Winning Scrabble Words With All Vowels

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If you want to get a good Scrabble score, you need to know how to play the hand that you are dealt. Or the letter tiles you receive, as the case may be. Sometimes, that means staring at a bunch of vowels and trying to figure out what to do with them. Fret not. Scrabble words with all vowels will land you a few points and, more importantly, they’ll help refresh your rack for the next play.

Racking Up All the Points

Remember that in Scrabble, as in Words With Friends, the shortest word you can play must be at least two letters. Keeping a number of 2-letter words in your back pocket is part of a great Scrabble strategy. That’s how you can best utilize parallel-play tactics for maximum points! 

In addition to the five 2-letter words with just vowels, there’s also one 3-letter word with all vowels you can play in Scrabble.

  • AA: a type of basaltic rock with a jagged surface

  • AE: a Scottish term for “one”

  • AI: a herbivorous sloth native to South America

  • OE: an abbreviation for Old English

  • OI: a Yiddish expression of frustration or worry

  • EAU: the French word for “water” often used to describe lighter perfume or cologne

All Vowel Words in Words With Friends

The dictionaries for the two games have a lot in common, but Words With Friends tends to be more lax than Scrabble in terms of what words are permissible. These vowel words definitely are not the highest-scoring words in Words With Friends, but they’ll probably be much more useful in your day-to-day play.

  • EE: an abbreviation for “electrical engineering” or “electrical engineer”

  • EO: short for “equal opportunity” or “executive order”

  • IO: a figure from Greek mythology, also a type of moth

  • OO: an extinct bird native to Hawaii

  • OU: a South African term for a fellow or guy 

All Vowels Including Y

When talking about vowels, you have to include the caveat of “sometimes Y.” When you include Y as part of a list of Scrabble words with all vowels, you unlock about a dozen more options.

  • AY: a word used to express sorrow or distress

  • OY: another spelling of the Yiddish expression for frustration or grief

  • YA: an informal way to say “you” or “yes”

  • YE: an archaic term meaning “the” or “you”

  • YO: a slang term used as a greeting or to get someone’s attention

  • AYE: a “yes” vote

  • EYE: the organ used for sight in humans and animals

  • YAY: an expression of excitement or happiness

  • YEA: a positive affirmation, as in “yes”

  • YOU: the second-person pronoun

  • AIYEE: a cry or expression of surprise or excitement

  • AYAYA: an alternative spelling of “aye yai yai,” an expression of dismay or confusion

YOYO is another great word with no consonants. While it is playable in Words With Friends, YOYO is sadly not a valid Scrabble word. If you’re looking for other short words, you may also consider certain abbreviations in Scrabble too. Did you know that AWOL and OK are valid Scrabble words?

Words With All Vowels (Plus Some Consonants)

There are no Scrabble words with just 4 vowels in a row, nor is there a word with all 5 vowels in order. However, if you introduce consonants into the mix, a whole other world of possibility opens up. QUEUE and AQUEOUS are examples of words with 4 vowels in a row. 

Unsurprisingly, Scrabble words that include all 5 vowels are quite long and would consequently be difficult to play in a real game. Some examples include:

  • ABSTEMIOUS: a person who abstains, usually in the context of food

  • AMBIDEXTROUS: the ability to use either hand equally

  • BIMOLECULAR: relating to two molecules

  • COMMUNICATIVE: inclined to communicate readily

  • DELUSIONARY: relating to someone or something far removed from reality

  • EDUCATIONALLY: in an educational manner

  • FACETIOUS: inappropriate joking

  • NEFARIOUS: known to be villainous or wicked

  • OSTENTATIOUSLY: in a manner to get attention by being inappropriate or vulgar

  • PRECARIOUS: dependent on circumstances outside of one’s control

  • QUESTIONABLY: in a manner that is open to doubt

  • REVOLUTIONARY: related to significant social or political change

  • UNCOMPLIMENTARY: in an unflattering or disrespectful way

More Winning Scrabble Words

If you’ve got at least a consonant or two in your letter rack, our list of words with 3 or more vowels will come in handy. And while smacking down extra-long words can feel extremely satisfying, a larger number of shorter words are what will win you the game. With that in mind, be sure to check out our list of the 25 best short Scrabble words for more winning plays! 

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